Hashan, Olive and Mike are  friends from politon town. They live a crazy life because of these creatures,the polerman.Hashan wants to be the best trainer. Hashan is an electric type,Olive is a psychic type trainer and Mike is a rock type trainer.Hashan finds pokerchew and befriends him. Then charreeree, a mystical inferno dragon is found and then he gets caught him.

Hasan,olive and Mike wanted to have a picnic so they went out to eat. As they sat down, the chairs screamed because they were a polerman,chairoseed. So they were forced to sit on the ground and as they bit their food it screamed too because it was a polerman,snackatacka .They felt pain in their mouth because they got stung by the snackatacka.The three friends ran away and went home. As they were going home, they got mugged but then pokerchew zap cannoned the robber and he died. When night came around, an ear piercing alarm came out of the tall, loud sirens.

The alarm was for a mysterious polerman,mowthree.Its body is always covered by permanent dark mist .This is the strongest polerman known to man.Hashan,Mike and olive  need to find mowthree.Hashan uses charreeree to fly to mowthree.Olive uses a abracabra to teleport and Mike uses tyranortor to get there quickly because tyranortor is 1.261billion ft tall.The 3 friends get there and meet mowthree olive says “its mowthree!”Mike said,”What are you MAD what are you on about!!”Hashan calms them down and they greet mowthree calmly.Mowthree telepathically says,”you don’t have to be scared,I won’t harm anyone unless someone does something dumb like assaulting or insulting me.”Suddenly a man said,”LET US BATTLE YOU WE KNOW YOUR A USLESS AND WEAK NOBODY!!!”Mowthree gets offended and grabs him-with his mind-and sends him out of earth.Mowthree agrees to the battle,which means the other people are in grave danger.Mowthree sends out all his polerman.The others send out all .The two teams fight for a painful 8hours and then the god of polerman comes.

Orceus is the god of all polerman and he descends into the battle field.Orceus lets out a huge roar,stunning the other people including Hashan , Olive and Mike.Orceus prevents this battle from going any further.Orceus has a one on one with mowthree and he says”Mowthree stop battling and be free,the polerman were made the be happy and free and your here fighting humans,I will set this world 🌎 free.”After that,everyone is back to normal-but not for long.0rceus starts stomping his hooves on the ground and then the humans start evaporating .where are they?

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