The scorpion and the 3 meerkats ( by Suzanne)

Once upon a time, there lived a family of 3 meerkats, who love to eat scorpion mash for breakfast . Later that day the mum and baby went out hunting for their breakfast, which was scorpion eggs, while the dad stayed home to protect the burrow. 1 hour after they had left, the dad found a small scorpion in the baby’s room. He charged at the small scorpion and chased it away from the burrow . Then they had a long fight with each other and the dad was the winner of the fight . Then he got the chance to call the rest of the family to help him carry the dead scorpion back home to have for breakfast with the mashed up scorpion eggs.



 It’s a day the same as any other. I was just chilling at home when there was a knock at the door . “ Hi Henry do you want to come in?” “That Would be great thanks Archie “ As we sat watching tv  there was a loud BANG! Steve started barking I rushed to the window and saw jack and peter in the garden they asked if they could come and see the dog.I realised I left the gate open so I went to go check if Steve had run out. I looked around the garden but couldn’t find him anywhere so we checked the house and the road park and police station but he couldn’t be found anywhere so we reported him missing but then he was spotted at the park so we rushed to the park but when we got there he wasn’t.

Steve was also spotted at a road near the park so I went there I saw him running across the road so I chased him but i lost site of Steve so I went home and he was at the front door out of breath like he ran a marathon me and Steve got inside so. I told him of and tried running out again but couldn’t because I shut and locked the gate but got out under the fence so  I went out again to tried and get hold of him but he got away so we chased after him again so we went to the park road and the police station but me Henry Peter and jack or the police couldn’t get a sight of him so we filed a report that he is missing but as we walked out the police stacion door we saw Steve running across the road into the park so then we got to the park and we got him and walked him back to the house and he started running around the house and then he got into bed and slept  the next morning  he was all calm until There was a sudden knock at the door I checked through the peep hole and no one was there

A fight between two monsters -by Kartik

On an island, in the middle of the desert in a black night the ominous red moon shined in the sky . A  haunted school with red and black walls if anyone tries to go in it, they dies.A fight between two red and blue monsters who can control water and fire breaks out.Then the red monster bullies the other monster using it’s fire power and even hurts him then the monsters friend who also has special abilities fights the other monster. Then the outstanding magical fight starts.

A month later,  no one was defeated then the  then a strong earthquake came in then the haunted house collapsed and the monsters were damaged but they didn’t stop there and they kept fighting until  they saw that they were  destroying everything that came in their way so  they used their powers to make a powerful barrier that couldn’t let their attacks go out to destroy everything but they as their magical barrier could not absorb their pow attacks. The blue monster said that “I will beat you” “I will not let that happen” said the red monster.Then they used their powers and did the strongest attack that they could do .Then after some time they both got weak and they couldn’t fight at all if they decided to fight one of then could die.Then they looked around and they saw they destroyed the place where they lived and the animals who were nearby were really scared of them then they decided to not fight and combine their powers so they can be strong again. 

After that stopped fighting and helped the animals then the animals became their friends and they helped the to build a bigger and a better place to live. Animals like lions, monkeys got the wood to build the house. Then the monsters got some fruits to eat and they also recovered from the fight after some they build their hose and then they did a lot of fun things like swimming, floating on water or going to an different island or using fire to to cook food and heating their self if they were feeling cold . Monkeys getting woods to make a boat  to travel to different countries and islands.

Then they decided not to fight, be kind with everyone and use their powers to help people and protect them.


The Fantastic Mystery

One day there was a girl called Emma and she was in her house playing on her phone.  After a few minutes she went to sleep in her comfy bed.  Whilst she was sleeping, somebody came into her house.  Somehow they took her and bundled into a car; Emma slept through all of this.  The woman drove her to a sandy, empty beach and placed her on the sand.  Five hours later, Emma woke up on the sand.  She was feeling confused and terrified and began to wander around the empty, silent beach.  Emma wondered where  she was. Suddenly, she heard  a mystery voice! She couldn’t tell if the voice was male or female.  The mystery voice said, “Come to the ocean!”  With fear, she walked to the ocean.  There, she saw a mystery box.  Emma opened the mystery box and it had a note inside it!  The note had one command,  ‘Come to this address!’ 

Emma wandered the beach until she found some stairs that led to the address. A scary house, covered in spiderwebs, stood alone.  She went inside the house and she began exploring all of the rooms- the kitchen, the living room, the garden and the bathroom.  In one of the bathrooms, she found a white fluffy little puppy.  The same mystery voice from the beach said, “you can keep the puppy.”

She found a tunnel near the mystery house which led to the street where her house was located. When she arrived home, she ran to find her mother and show her the puppy.  Her mum said she could keep the puppy and together they named it Lucy.  Emma took the puppy to the garden to  play and teach the puppy how to play fetch and learn tricks.  She was very happy!

By Hannah

The Mysteries Of J1407b The Gas Giant… (By: Layla E)

Many many moons ago, there lived a young astronaut in California ,who goes by the name of Katrina. Her dad was a a scientist. Sadly, she didn’t know her mum ,which makes her dad a single father. Katrina wasn’t known for being an astronaut. She didn’t work for NASA or anything. She just wanted to be the first to fly out  of the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Oh honey, why don’t you want to work for NASA? You would make so many new friends!” Her dad explained. “I have already told you! I don’t want people to copy my idea of flying to J1407b first.” That night, the full moon struck once again, and the rocket was huge and white! It had polished down windows. “Dad! I am finally done with it. Also the best part, it shoots as much fire as a dragon would,” Katrina yelled “Katrina, I think you are a bit too young.” “Dad! I am twenty! I will be fine.” Katrina spoke “Also thank you for teaching me how to make animals. I am bringing one dinosaur back. But don’t worry, he will be very small, and a bit chubby.” Katrina whispered. She then makes a dinosaur and calls him Dino.

They got into the rocket and Katrina screamed, “So long father! I will miss you!”. The rocket took off and after three months, she arrived at the galaxy. An extra few hours passed and Katrina was about to take a nap. But then, She saw the amazing J1407b! She steered the rocket to land and she landed right next to a cave! She  went in to record and take pictures but she saw something golden. Her and Dino went up to press it and summoned a monster. He roared so loudly that both Katrina and Dino screamed. The gas monster got into their rocket and pretended to be random bits of dust since it broke up into bits. They all soon find themselves in danger as the rocket crashed into a meteorite and doesn’t work. They had to find out how to get back to Earth somehow. Suddenly, an argument happened. “NO! WE SHOULD GO WITH MY PLAN! IT MAKES MORE SENCE!” Katrina yelled at Dino. “ROAR WE NEED TO DO MY PLAN! I IT’LL WORK!” Dino roared with a tear falling down since Katrina yelled at him for the first time.

They explain their plans because they needed to get back to Earth as soon as possible. After explaining, they went with Dino’s plan. It took a bit longer than three months but they didn’t mind. Everyone worried as two years passed. Suddenly, a meteorite hit Earth. But, no damage was done. Katrina ran to her dad and hugged him tightly. “I missed you so much!” “I missed you too dear.” After that, a huge party happened and even the gas monster took part within it and they all lived happy lives. But what lies on J1407b is yet to be a mystery…

The End!


Bella Musk  was dancing on a ball floor when a young man came towards her and asked to     dance. Bella said “sure”, so they dance the night away until Bella left the young man to go home. The young man followed her home , even though she said “I, ll see you tomorrow. “

Bella Musk goes missing that night without a trace . Bella’s parents arrived to find her not home , they called the police.The police tracking her steps to find she was with a young man called Aaron Chant (her parents weren’t fine about him)so the police go to Aaron’s house to question him.

Bella parentswere getting worried and nervous. Scared, she went upstairs to her room because Bella had pictures of her and her parents. The police came running in saying, ”WE GOT A LEAD!” Bella’s parents rushing to the police officers then asking “ what the lead was,The police  said they found one of Bella’s  bracelets in the young Aaron’s house  .”I KNEW IT !”,yelled the dad.

They drove over to Aaron Chant’s house ,as soon as Aaron opened the door Mr and Mrs Musk ran in to look for their daughter Mrs Musk ran up the searched nearly  every room , Mr Musk was downstairs  he was done searching  and then Mrs Musk  searched one more room ,under the bed , in the closet she  looked then saw an attic she yelled at Aaron to open it immediately so he did she climbed into the attic to find her unconscious she Mrs Musk yelled for Mr Musk ,he came running up the stairs to help her get Bella down and out the house,Aaron tried to stop but the police arrested Aaron .

The Musk family lived happily for a  very long  period time.

Until Aaron Chant was released…her parents hoped she’ll be alright by herself. Bella didn’ know he was released that night so she left her window open enough for a human to get through. Mrs Musk went upstairs to go to sleep .Then the high pitch screams coming from Bella’s room will always haunt  them . Her parents blame they’re selves to this day.


The monkey story By Michal Karpacz

Monkey was branching in forest, juking the lava monkeys. He used the monkey super power the monkey smash”Get better” He muttered to himself so that no one could hear him. He juked them. Then he exclaimed “That the oldest juke ever how are so bad!”

At that moment he got disconnected. He went back to forest but he found a portal man?As he came closer he shouted “who are you?”He Touched the Portal man and he got zapped into town palet.

In town palet he found a Sigmachu.As a joke he muttered, “Do you wanna play mini games.” In a babyish voice. Sigmachu then zapped him for no reason. Sigmachu ran away laughing. He walked around until he found a Moam on the street. He decided to eat it because he did not have any bananas. As he grabbed it he noticed that there was nothing in there. He started to cry but a maltezer appeared in front of him and Without hesitation he grabbed it and put all of them in his mouth. As he finished eating them, Portal man appeared and tried to take monkey into twisted towers. But before he got teleported he stepped out to think about it but Sigmachu pushed him in. Monkey shouted “What was that for?” but Sigmachu didn’t say anything. He quickly escaped but he was getting chased until he found out that he has a super power and the super power was growth. without hesitation he grew 20 feet. More popermons appeared and there was a war. Blondatron, Dumbarton and Shortatron appeared. They looked like they were the leaders of the popermons.Then they said that if there was a war then everyone will have a hard time living. So Sigmachu left and monkey grew back to 4 feet tall. Monkey started to cry as he was so short. Badacadara appeared to hold monkey until portal man appeared. Portal man appeared to get monkey into twisted towers.

In twisted towers Raider-Renigade and Bob the breaker appeared to take him down. However Bemon slayer joined monkey’s team. He grew 20 ft taller again. He bend down and flicked them into the sky. He laughed and exclaimed “your so bad come back when your better!” He then faced Bhost and also flicked him. He turned back to his normal size and went into portal man and went back to forest. But Bhost would not take defeat. He ran into portal man but the portal closed before Bhost could get in. He then did the thumbs up and ran away.

Thumbs up


The mysterious plane


Yashna Ahmed

7 November 2023


In a strange airport, there was a girl named Kristina and Jake they loved to explore mysterious problems. As they were sitting and waiting in the airport they heard an announcement and some other kind of plane came and no one knew where it came from. “OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A HORRIBLE NOISE!” Kristina and Jake screamed.

So many people were shocked and had never heard of it, it was called 51APB it had came after 15 years but everyone still didn’t know. Kristina and Jake were also shocked and wanted to know who or what was in there, on the land they looked like humans so Kristina and Jake took a plane and flew through the sky and followed it.

They had landed on Jupiter and saw they can transform in aliens and humans. They saw human things like lamps and trees and so on. Meanwhile, they were thinking (Kristina and Jake) that probably they wanted to make it look better. “This is an unusual place?” Kristina questioned, “ITS VERY WEIRD I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT!” Jake exclaimed.

No one in the airport saw a pilot or anything but the passengers were still there. “IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE EVERYONE WAS SHOCKED AND SO WAS I!” Kristina shouted. As they had explored, the ground looked like chocolate milk but it was actually rocks and around them was lots of stars that were shimmering in space.

There was so many aliens that were blue, green, purple, red and yellow they looked a bit muddled Kristina and Jake were a bit disgusted and confused. Who knows what will happen next maybe a person flying like a bird probably? THE END…

The Apocalyptic Future -by Krish Naik

Deep in space, there was a lab with the most dangerous creatures. No one dared go inside and the ones who did, lived in fear. The only ones in there were a few scientists, able to create the most deadly creatures. Even they fear the creatures. But the real danger started at night. The creatures come to life and try to escape their cages. Mike, one of the night guards and Jane, who works with him on a shift. It was the same every day. Feed the creatures, and try to not get bitten (the hardest part).

As dawn struck, Brian and Mary, the scientists were the whole reason this lab was built. Back on Earth, a deadly virus spread across the globe. Now, it was just a wasteland. The few survivors were sent to live on the moon. But their supplies were running out. Without hesitation, Brian and Mary began to find a cure. One day, they saw a human floating through space, he looked weak and was blacked out. Immediately, Mike hurriedly put on his space suit and went to save the young man. One Mike brought him in. Jane rushed and brought a AED kit to make a attempt to save the man. As he awoke, he opened his deep blue eyes. “Thank you for saving me,”he murmured “I’m Simon, one of the few survivors.”

“What happened?” questioned Mary, “Why on Earth were you floating in space!” 

“I don’t remember.” replied Simon, scratching his head. Suddenly, BOOM. A huge meteor had hit their ship! Panicking, Mike dragged Simon to the Medical Room and opened a cupboard. Inside there was a colourful cube. Without a thought, Mike pressed the button. In the main room, Mary and Jane saw metal doors crash down and block all the entrances. Jane let out a scream. In the creatures room Brian ran as fast as he could as the creatures cages disappeared! Creature: GR4B grabbed Brian and bit him. suddenly he felt a urge to find and infect the other workers, Mike, Jane and Mary and the survivor, Simon. Brian rose ominously, with his body covered in fur. Werewolf Brain rush to the Medical Room to satisfy his thirst to turn this lab upside down. But Simon wasn’t a human. He grew wicked wings and grew claws on his fingertips and feet. He dashed to the Cafeteria with the werewolf behind him. Simon was secretly a creature and his devious plan was unfolding perfectly. When he reached there, Simon noticed Mary and Jane were already infected, they rushed to find the last survivor, Mike. Meanwhile Mike was in the testing room. He remembered something Brain used to say. “If the creatures infect someone, use the purple liquid to cure them.” Mike thought it was silly but it actually was true. He grabbed the potion and chucked it at the ground. Glass shattered and flew everywhere. Dripping in purple liquid, the workers suddenly lost their hunger and stood up. Earth was saved!

Where did the money go?


There are some best friends they are called Lilly,Daisy,Zac and Henry.

As I crashed into cob webs I screamed my head off and they scared me. Zac shouted “ are you ok?” Lilly screamed “what’s happening?” Daisy turned to Henry and asked “why did she scream?” “Quick let’s get out of here”! We all turned and ran out of the door falling to the ground.

Suddenly, we heard a noise that petrified us we grabbed hold of each other and froze with fear.

When I turned around I gasped  there was a BIG BIG PILE of leaves. We searched the pile and there was a big box of money, it was very heavy. We tried pushing it, picking it up and it just wouldn’t work. We called the police for some more help. The police arrived and were surprised to see the money.We all tried but still couldn’t pick it up. We tried for what seemed like hours,finally we were exhausted and out of breath. The police told us to go home and rest for the night.

Then the next morning I woke up and I went to Lilly’s house we got Zac,Henry and Daisy. We went back to the forest and the money was not there so we told the police and they said that we have to try and find the person that had managed to take the money. Zac said “ How did they take that money, we couldn’t?” we were wondering who took it, but then we found the person and took him to the police and we took the money to the police.