A demon Apocolypse= Written by Olivia K

This story took place in 2210 in Tokyo,Japan in the future.

Years after trying to be immortal , the famous man, Nazum Ijustubik finally got what he wanted. Although  he cannot walk in the sunlight anymore, he is immortal unless a demon slayer, for example Ao decapitated him with a shining red blade during the night. The demon population grew daily, the two strongest demons are called Azaka and Doma, they are really strong but weaker than Nazum. The strongest demon slayers are called the Hashira, they are most praised amongst all of the slayers. The demons are overpowering the demon slayers, nobody knows how they are getting stronger. They have meetings every decade in their world called the infinity castle. It has no way in and no way out, unless a demon with a Biwa teleports you in or out of there. Otherwise you can not leave the place.

The first mission Me and Daitaro got as a Hashira was one of the strongest demons, Doma, he has unimaginable powers like ice figures which can freeze you and slowly kill you. Since we are the two strongest demon slayers, they are expected to finish him off. As they walk towards the place, the we were petrified, we didn’t know what to expect. Are we expecting a weak or a strong demon, who knows? Hours later we arrive at the area, it’s misty and there’s voices everywhere. There’s a strong smell, it smells like blood but it’s so clean. A cold  chill ran down my spine, I  turned around and there he was! Charging at the two of us with his fan which was sending us a cold chill  . Within a second Daitaro took his shining red blade out and lunged towards the demon. 

“Wait what’s happening!”shouted Daitaro. Another demon came running from the forest. In a blink of an eye, he took his axe out and charged for me. What can I do? There’s no one to help. But I can’t get distracted, I have to help Daitaro before he gets seriously injured.” Seconds later there was smoke, smoke everywhere! What do we do!” I screamed in a panicky voice. After a few seconds of silence I looked back and I was horrified at what I saw. By brother? My own brother was laying on the ground smothered in blood. What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?

Staring at my brothers corpse shocked, a gust of wind blew towards be at both sides. “Will I die?” I thought. I ducked but to my amazement the demons weren’t going for me, they were going for each other? I stared in awe, I didn’t know this was possible, I thought all demons liked each other… Running towards them, they turned back. The two looked like they were about to burst. It looked like a rage of anger just overtook their bodies. Can I do this? I will try, I’m going to fulfil the promise I made to my brother!

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