The Teleportation Device – By Rayan

500 words story

The Teleportation Device

In 2025 London, a boy was born who in the future was working for a secret facility in Northern Canada. His name was John and when he was growing up he told everyone he was going to be a security guard in a secret place but everyone laughed at him and told him he never will. But, in 2050 he got a job offer to work in a classified facility. As you would expect, John took the job without a second thought, even though it is far away from where he lives and where his friends and family live.

He had to air travel to get to his new job in Northern Canada which was where he traveled. He got an apartment and went to the facility tomorrow so he could get the apartment ready. The next day, he went to the facility and had to sign a contract where he couldn’t share his experience in the facility with anyone. His job was to defend a generator from a lake they told him, John then laughed and, they also told him it is easier said than done. He then went to lake because his job started and realised it was red and asked the other guards “Why is this lake red?”

And then the first guard explained “This lake is no ordinary lake, it keeps spitting out monsters and it’s sometimes easy to terminate them and it’s sometimes hard to terminate them, it’s like the lake has emotions and it decides how difficult it is to take down the monsters which makes us think how hard the monsters are, is depending on the lakes mood.”

John was worried and decided to take a look around the area. Later, John then found something dug up in the snow and decided to pick it up. It looked like something he could put on his back so, he tried putting on his back and it worked he felt a power surge and didn’t question it but he still kept the thing on his back.

He then helped the other three guards defend off the monsters and after a painful hour of fighting, the lake stopped like it gave up but once everyone turned around to go back, a GIANT tentacle came out of the lake the director screamed on the radio “WHAT THE HELL, EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE AREA FAST SOMETHING BIG CAME OUT IM CALLING BACKUP!”

But, it was too late for every guard even John. The tentacle grabbed all of them and somehow John teleported to the directors office and then realised the thing on his back was a teleportation device. He did not care about that then because he was worried about the others guards which is the reason why he went back to the lake. The guards turned into the monsters so, John had to kill them but then the scientist came and explained “I can cure them don’t worry.” 

The End.

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