Lost at the park by Sonia Gomes

Everyday Brandon plays at the same old park and everyday he sees the same old people.

But today was different. There was a new girl at the park, who had a pink headband on and looked like she was 6 years old. Brandon had seen her struggling to get onto the swing, jumping up and down but never quite reaching seat. 

Approaching the girl with kindness he said, ‘Would you like me to help you?’ He looked at the swing. ‘I could make the swing a bit lower. You could get on it yourself the.’

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she nods slowly. ‘Thank you for helping, thank you so much.’

Brandon grunted. ‘No worries,’ he replied. 

Brandon returned to the slide. After ten minutes of playing on the slide and feeling proud of himself, he approached the girl again. ‘ Would you like to play with me? You look like you could do with a friend.’ Since she was new to the neighbourhood and hadn’t made any new friends yet and 

she happily accepted and excitedly hoped along after Brandon. 

The new friends played happily for a while. People began to leave the park and as darkness fell, Brandon began to wonder where the girl’s parents were. He spoke to his own parent, who wanted to take him home. ‘Can we keep her? I’ve always wanted pet.’ Brandon asked. 

‘She’s not a pet,Brandon. We need to find her parents.’ His mum replied. 

They waited a while longer, but no one came. Brandon’s mum decided they really did need to get back so they took the girl back with them as she didn’t know her new address. They rang the number that the girl had on a scrap of paper. No luck. When they got home, they quickly made some posters to help her try to find her parents. What they should have done is call the police. This took them 24 hours  to remember to do it. 

After mum had a spoken to the police, and with more failed attempts to contact her parents, she decided to get the little girl settled in. 

Another day went by and another call from the police. At 2am, the police came to collect the girl. Her parents had been found and she was reunited with them. 

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