Shallow part 2

It was a late night and the friends were hanging out in the tree house until..”HUH!? WHAT WAS THAT!?” Heather “asked a piece of Black Fabric” Izzy answered, Harry took it from Heather and put it under the microscope, “interesting..” Harry said “what are these grey particles?” He thought “guys…there are grey…particles” “what..” Heather said “we have an alien..” Izzy muttered, out of now where a big bolt of thunder clashed to the ground “AHHH!” Heather screamed falling on Harry “Sorry Harry” She said. “It’s ok Heather” Harry chirped “I’m going to go and get something for us to eat!” Heather said “ok don’t be long” “I won’t be long!” Heather chirped. As she was walking along the yard, a beam of light came down and grabbed her “HELP!” She screamed “hold on, its a dress or a worm.” “OH MY GOSH!” Harry yelled as he grabbed Heathers legs, but he came with her instead “Ahhhh!” They screamed and then they disappeared. “They woke up in a forest with only a bit of food and as for Heather… “EWWW A DRESS DISGUSTING!” She yelled as she tore it up into something else “better” she said, Harry just looked at her, he didn’t know   what to do or say. “Mean while, in the real world..” said the narrator “when will she wake up..” Asked Harry” in a day or so…” Said the Doctor, “Harry…” asked Izzy “yes Izzy?” Asked Harry “Heather will be ok…right?” She asked “yes” he said “well…I hope so..” Harry thought “back in the coma land..” said the narrator “Harry we have to get out of here!” “You tell me!” He             Said, they looked around for an exist but only found, wood and an old shoe “OH PERFECT!” Yelled Heather sarcastically “wha-come on!” Harry yelled, the exist was on the other side of a Long and deep cliff. *we have to jump Heather…” Said Harry “back in the real world” said the narrator “Heather wake up..” Harry thought with tears in his eyes. “Back in coma dream land..” “JUMP!? ARE YOU MAD!” Heather asked “no choice, look watch me…” Harry said He took a step back and jumped, he made it, “here goes nothing thought Heather” “You can make it Heather!” Both Real Harry and fake Harry said but as they were about to leave…CRASH! A tree fell down “no…” said Harry “we have to climb it!” Heather said climbing over “your right..” Harry said “We made it..” she thought as she went through the door. She woke up from the coma “HEATHER!” Harry screamed with joy “WHAT THE!? Yelled Izzy “OH MY GOSH!” Yelled Izzy “w-what…” said Heather “am I back..?” She asked “yes you are!” Said Harry happily “wow..” she said.


“HEATHER!” Harry screamed “wait wait, that’s not where it starts!” ??? “ok, I’m Petra but you can call me…narrator” Petra said “In this story I’m the sister, but I’m still the narrator.” She said with a chirp. “So we have Heather she’s 11  from pine vil, Harry age 12 also from Pine vill and Izzy age 11 she’s my sister and from Devon.” Petra explained “OK FROM THE TOP!” she yelled. “So when can we hang out again Heather?” Harry asked “Next week.” She muttered, “NEXT WEEK!? ARE YOU MAD?” Harry asked “your Annoying!” Heather said “so next week” Asked Harry with a squeak. “YES! NOW BYE!” Heather yelled as she ran down the street, “hi Heather!” Izzy yelled with a chirp “How did it go?” She said “Harry’s annoying” Heather said looking angry “Well…he just is that way” Izzy said “He’s in…” Heather said “Well go get him!” She yelled “NO NO NO!”. Izzy pushed Heather to Harry “Oh heather” he chirped “Your in” she said quietly “YAY!” Harry screamed. “It had been a year since they met, and now they are at an old rail way station” the narrator quoted “well…are you going in or not? “Yeah go on!” Izzy prompted “Fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeee” Heather groaned “YAY!” they yelled happily, Heather turned on the torch and started walking inside at first the tunnel wasn’t too dark, but then it got darker and darker. All of a sudden, so,etching moved in the dark “H-Harry…Izzy?” Heather whispered, there was no response, A creature stepped forward “AHHHHHHHHH!” Heather screamed, she then passed out “Hehe” the creature laughed like she was even more evil. Heather woke up and the tunnel was really bright, Heather ran out screaming. “MONSTER! THERE WAS A MONSTER!” Heather shouted “Don’t be ridiculous!” Harry snapped “Harry! We fight monsters think about it!” “Your right..” Harry groaned “ok what did it look like?” Izzy asked in a soft voice “it was all black….” Heather answered “let’s all go in..” Harry insisted “mhm” Heather and Izzy both said, They all got close and wondered into the tunnel. They reached the end of the silent, gloomy tunnel and saw a black wall, “ok so who’s touching it?” Harry asked “not me!” They all said at the same time “last to step back touches it!” Harry said eager, Heather was the last to step back she sighed and went up to the sad looking black wall, she put her hand up against the wall, “cold…” she said. All of a sudden she fell through “AHHHHHHH!” Heather screamed “HEATHER!” The two friends yelled “OH LOOK WHTA YOU DID YOU MEAT LOFE!” Izzy yelled “well don’t be mad at me now, we have to save Heather!” Harry reminded, “oh no, your right!” Izzy said worried. “They both jumped in and found Heather.” The narrator narrated. “Heather, why are you geared up?” Harry asked, before Izzy could say anything Heather shoved them in a bush and then joined them “what was that for?!” Harry yelled angrily “Shhhh” Heather said pointing at the guards, “I know who’s behind this, Doctor darkness” Heather explained “I see..” Izzy said “ok we need a costume!”Izzy exclaimed “Yes we do..” Heather said “Well..well.WELL!” Said ??? “DOCTOR DARKNESS!” Heather, Harry and Izzy exclaimed angrily, “Your to late to stop me this time!” Exclaimed “I have already activated my machine! “ATACK!” Heather yelled “HARRY YOU GO STOP THE MACHINE, REMEMBER ITS ALWASY THE RED BUTTON! Heather commanded and advised “ok!” Harry yelled as he ran inside “GAUDS, LOWER THE GATE!” Doctor darkness commanded “rats!” Harry said “air vent” he thought looking smug. “So he took off the panel and crawled through and trust me it was NOT pleasant” the narrator  explained “they need to clean that air vent” Harry thought “ok the red button” he thought again. He punched at the red button and then the machine turned off. “TURN IT BACK ON RIGHT NOW!” Doctor darkness bellowed “how about NO!” Harry sassed “grrrrr” Doctor darkness said “or….your friends go in there…” he said pointing to a water tank, before anything else could happen Harry slapped Doctor Darkness and untied them “easy” Harry sassed “yes!” Heather and Izzy chanted “I WILL BE BACK SOME DAYYYYYYY!” Doctor darkness yelled “and as if” Heather said “yes” Ozzy said agreeing. “The land disappeared and the friends were just standing in the back of the tunnel” said the narrator “was it a dream?” Heather asked “I don’t think so..” Said Izzy.

Leaflet to join the Roman army

Are you a fearless fighter ready to take on being in the Roman army? The Roman army don’t want weak men no, they are looking for strong men who climb high mountains with no complaints. Do you want to be remembered as a hero then come join the Roman army today! The Romans are counting on you.

When you join you will work with our powerful, healthy men to build courage, strengthen and bravery. You will join the Roman army and we will push you to be the best you can be.The training will be to walk 30 miles with all your equipment.Do you think you can handle it?The Roman army want, a man who is never afraid to go into battle and can fight effectively.

Do you like to go outside or do you dream of being a traveller? Then the Roman army is for you, march around our beautiful land and see all the wonders. But that’s not all you can camp under a clear night sky. Just imagine setting your tent under the dazzling night sky, lighting the warm, bright fire. But that’s not all, you can go hunting and shear the food with your tent buddies. That’s right you have tent buddies. Remember you will be travelling for 25 years.

We have spears, swords, shields and more in the Roman army, when you join you will be provided with the finest top notch equipment. Our equipment is crafted with care, by the best crafters in all of Rome. The equipment can be used to stab, jab and deflect attacks, it can also save your life. As well as using your equipment to attack you can use it as a tool, that’s right. Use your equipment to cut and chop. Remember our weapons are very sharp.

If your worried about your pay don’t, because we don’t pay you a small wage. When you kill someone in battle you can earn extra by robbing them. Everyone gets paid the same amount of money as the other so we can make it fair. Well what are you waiting for come and join the Roman army!