Roman Leaflet

Are you prepared to take on your fears with a deadly, sharp spear, well the Roman army is for you. Within this great army you will experience the adventures of a life time. If your brave enough you can battle the greatest of your enemies and feel proud of what you accomplished. As well as that you can become a hero that is remembered during history. So come and see all your dreams come true in the Roman army, were waiting for your arrival!

If you wanna be buff this is the best place to do that. We got armour all size large or small, but you must work for it. For you to get the armour you must train, when you get it you will get the powerful armour. Don’t worry if your armour breaks, we have a endless amount of supply which will keep you with armour. If you get in battle your armour will save you from being hurt or even killed. You will be able to defeat your greatest enemies when you go face to face with them.

Travel the world
The Roman army is all for are people we will visit your dreams you have never thought would be real. An extra exercise is when your walking to your destination you will carry heavy stuff to keep you fit every day. You will always be protected by a guard or one of your strong friends so you wanna be like them. Your destination could be short or far so always be ready for what’s up next. On the way to your journey we could visit some wonderful places people have never seen before and probably you wouldn’t have seen it.

Were trying to expand and we’re putting a lot of money to people’s hands. So our empire needs building’s and we’re looking for builders to build great big building’s. You can also catch robbers which will give you extra money. We will pay so it’s your chance to get the job or decline the job and money. If you have a tiny amount of money the Roman army is willing to give you up the money you need. Once you join the Roman army it’s your choice or not to get paid or not.

Joining will increase your strength by the training we give you. This training is very important for your body and health. The training will get you through battles out alive and will make you feel better than ever before. People get lazy and don’t do what told but you can be one of the people who survive great and fierce battles. Once again we are waiting for you so you have to join the Roman army.