Once Upon a Time lived the little girl called Ruby she was big strong and also she was magical everybody didn’t know how well she fought the world war she wanted to be like Tom more but it’s never happened everyday she went outside walking around her very garden she tried and tried years and years have passed nothing nothing happened Shia least wanted to get £100 just like to come or wish but she realised actually never ever would get £100 if she didn’t turn 90 or 100 the friend Izzy told her that you can never ever have £100 left if she was 100 or 90 one day she got a coin flip it into a wishing well then she saw a magical pizzazz open up her there she wanted to see the dark spooky cabins but she can never ever see it her wish stop her from doing it they only wanted her to follow her dreams she prayed to God every single night on her little carpet she took of Her Shoes and she prayed to West. She finally stepped out into the open world she begged her mum she begged her hard she never ever ever wanted to do anything more than go to Mecca is West believe it I thought it was amazing she stepped them to the aeroplane and snuck home without her mum realising then she said after Mecca it was so amazing she said she’s written her special diary nobody ever ever believe again somebody realise at sea when a meta so they set off on a big draw the police and she was always fun and games she was playing around Mecca she was climbing it she was jumping on it but everybody knows what will happen next.

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