One hot summers day Lilac was out with her dog Elsie on the bright sandy beach when suddenly she looked at the nearby forest and saw a dark tunnel. At first she thought she was only imagining it but she came closer to the forest and realized that she wasn’t imagining it. The tunnel was real, Elsie went back home while Lilac went into the tall, green  forest. Sunlight peaked through the leaves above Lilac. She reached the tunnel at last,  Lilac was sure it wouldn’t be possible to look to the other side and she was correct but she could smell something delightful coming from the other side so she went in.

The smell got stronger and stronger until Lilac found herself in an amazing, magical land of candy ,there was a chocolate path ahead of Lilac, she looked around and saw cotton candy clouds, candy cane trees and gummy grass. As she strolled across the chocolate path she herd a noise, Lilac hid behind a pink candy cane tree until the sound stopped.

The sound finally stopped, Lilac turned around to see her friend coco they both said to each other “what are you doing here?” after that Lilac said “I came though a tunnel to get here” Coco replied with “same , anyways lets get back home” they walk down the path and almost made it home.

Lilac couldn’t see the tunnel, they both looked around for the dark over grown tunnel but there was no trace of it, Lilac tried to imagen the tunnel but it didn’t work.

Then suddenly she had an idea, what if they both imagined that the tunnel was there and it worked. they both went home with a magical adventure to tell.

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