The Majestic big Castle

I gazed at the tunnel ahead and deliberated what lay ahead what was waited for me?

Slowly and anxiously, I took a deep breath and walked , looking above me I could see green bushes, entwinned in each other. As I progressed I became more excited, and I began to pick up my pace. My heart fluttered with excitement.

And as I walked onto the luscious green grass I started bouncing, But as I entered the majestic big castle I realized the whole entire castle was a bouncy castle. Suddenly out of know where kids are jumping and bouncing, I even noticed the walls were chocolate jumping after bouncing they never left the castle.

Happily bouncing away in her new and exiting world, She stopped in her tracks ” What was that noise?” She heard a squeak. Moving forward she saw a brown, fluffy mole.

“Who are you” she asked.

“I am Bert” he said.

Me and my family live in the woods over there. We made our own home using wood and leaves. We are busy during the day, and when we are finished our jobs we come to the castle.

After a long time of bouncing, Maria went into the thorny, green, luscious green forest, back to Bert’s home. At night they toasted marshmallows, and even told funny stories.

Suddenly out of know here millions of animals appeared, deafening sounds, screaming! She had to escape within minutes.

After running for minutes, she had found the thorny green passage again. She stared and thought who could be on the other side. Questioning if she ever wanted to leave the mole, The place she said she would stay forever. She thought she had to get away! The animals were getting closer. She ran through the thorny green passage back to where she came from, Home, She was finally there.

This is James and he comes from a different dimension, and traveled to earth because something terrible is about to happen. His dimension is like earth but accept his world has uncontrollable monsters. He lost his arm while fighting a monster. He had to take a trip to the 80s to grab some stuff to be disguised. He saw a tunnel. James slowly walks through the tunnel because he thinks that one of the monsters from his world has entered  Earth. He saw one of the monsters so he use one of his gadgets to defeat them. James continued his journey through the tunnel but he couldn’t wait any longer so he had to run instead. As he continued he felt A force field. James bravely put his hand through the force field and surprisingly it was a portal to another world. James was shocked he bravely walked through the portal. This world was called P921 and it is ruled by King Zorg. It is half a light year away from earth. Humans do not exist on this road instead there are aliens. This is a virtual world and that’s why the buildings are green. It’s also has a flying cars. Imagine a world half a light year away from earth. Imagine a world with no humans or animals but instead there is monsters and aliens. Imagine a world with flying cars. Imagine a world with holographic buildings. Imagine a world ruled by a wicked and horrible king. James didn’t want to get caught by the aliens so he decided to travel through the sewers. Whilst he was walking through the sewers he found another human down there James asked him how did you get down here the human responded with I was running away from a beast but I fell and ended up here. They decided to go and find some food. Both of them were hungry. Whilst they were looking for food James asked how did you end up in this world then the human responded with I was having a walk but then I saw a computer so I was pressing buttons and open the portal I walked in and couldn’t go back. James and the humans started to go and look for food as they came up from the underground they saw some food. James could see that there were aliens sitting next to it. The human distracted the aliens. James grab the food and run. Now that they were full they thought of a plan to get the human back to earth. But the portal could only be opened if There was a storm or if they stole one of the flying cars, as all flying cars we have plutonium in them, and this helps open portals. They got one of the flying cars and waited for the right moment. They had to wait quite a while for a storm. They found some more food whilst they were waiting for the storm to appear. The storm finally came so they went to the flying car and got in it, they drove it to a spot where the lightning will strike. They did it, they got back to earth James and the human made a promise to never tell anyone about what happened. James brought back one of the flying cars so he could get back to his road but then he realised that the human took it and since he didn’t ask the human his name he thought that he would never be able to find, WILL HE BE STUCK FOR EVER?

One’s a  upon  a time this girl  found this weird looking tunnel she went in. Boom she looks back and saw nothing it was like she was trapped  she screamed but there was just one way to get out. Her gust was screaming at her but she had to go.

She felt like she was near the end of the tunnel. It started to get cold , so she put her hands  together and rubbed. Surprisingly, she looked up the tunnel and saw sun dancing through the trees. To make her feel safe, she started to think about home.

The girl finally got to the end of the tunnel, however she look up in the glistening sun shining above her. Suddenly, she went down this stone path hoping to find someone else. Boom! Without
looking, she bumped into something .”oh no’ she said, as she fell to the floor. She looked up and saw she had bump in to some one who live there. It was a girl who had brown hair and  about the same age. She said “hi there’ than said are you lost. As she help her of the floor. “Yes I am lost can you help me pls’ “l known how to get you home’ what your name said the girl who live there? Belle what your name? Said belle Isabell let’s go to the town.

“We are at town” said Isabell  this look nice place to live said belle before we take you home we got to go to my Nan ok said belle let go said Isabell . We are here said is a bell  it look nice said belle yay my Nan is a bit fans shy said Isabell  why did we come here said belle  Isabell said to  bake a pie ok said Bella

The train station

When Isabella stepped first foot into the new world, she thought she had saw some black eyes behind the ticket booth. As soon as she saw those spooky eyes behind the ticket booth, she screamed and went and hid in the corner off the new place. Her heart was pounding like mad, her body was shaking fiercely and Isabella’s head was as wet as a swimming pool. While she was resting, something or someone was lurking inside the ticket place. Isabella suddenly woke up and quickly got up but when she got up, Isabella saw someone looking at her ”it looked like a animal” whispered the girl!” She slowly went and explored the ticket booth.

A couple off minutes later she courageously went in the ticket booth ”this is a dumb idea” muttered Isabella!” Off she went into the darkness off the ticket booth however as soon as she took her first step into the building, she saw a hamster. But this was no ordinary hamster, he had fur as fluffy as cotton, he had eyes as sparkly as glitter and he had hands that are the size of a pole. ”hello my name is Mia and what is yours” asked the hamster!” ‘h-hi my name is Isabella, why are u hiding” muttered the girl” ”A wild monster is chasing  me, quick hide”

A couple off hours later they were hiding but the monster was still outside looking but he gave up. ”Hey Mia are u hungry” politely asked Isabella!” I’m always hungry” said Mia!” They were hunting for food but all the cafes were shut down and they were gone for an eternity. ”Luckily I have two chocolate bars that are really tasty” murmured the furry hamster!” ”Great” said Isabella these can last forever!” Both of them went into the nearest train and started having a nibble of the chocolate bar.

Twenty minutes later they ate all the chocolate bars. ”Welp there goes our food” said Mia!” Their bellies were all full and big, they barely couldn’t move. After a few hours they got back up and started to explore a bit more. ”Isabella I found something ” shouted Mia!” ”What” screamed Isabella!” ”The poisonous spiders” said Mia!” They both had to be very quiet or else they will wake the spiders up. It was a problem for both of them because the haunted spiders were laying eggs and taking over the place which means they will bite the girls and poison them.

Isabella and Mia found a secret hatch that had a ladder and a hammer which could help them escape. Suddenly, Mia found a door that led outside however a group off spiders were guarding it. ”I got a cup off vinegar that can get the spiders away” whispered  Isabella!”                                                                                                                    ”Great we can throw it at them then they will zoom away” said Mia!” Isabella tried to splash them with the vinegar and boom they went away but they weren’t away for too long. ”Quick” screamed Mia!” Then they were running as quick as a ostrich and they escaped freely.



One hot summers day Lilac was out with her dog Elsie on the bright sandy beach when suddenly she looked at the nearby forest and saw a dark tunnel. At first she thought she was only imagining it but she came closer to the forest and realized that she wasn’t imagining it. The tunnel was real, Elsie went back home while Lilac went into the tall, green  forest. Sunlight peaked through the leaves above Lilac. She reached the tunnel at last,  Lilac was sure it wouldn’t be possible to look to the other side and she was correct but she could smell something delightful coming from the other side so she went in.

The smell got stronger and stronger until Lilac found herself in an amazing, magical land of candy ,there was a chocolate path ahead of Lilac, she looked around and saw cotton candy clouds, candy cane trees and gummy grass. As she strolled across the chocolate path she herd a noise, Lilac hid behind a pink candy cane tree until the sound stopped.

The sound finally stopped, Lilac turned around to see her friend coco they both said to each other “what are you doing here?” after that Lilac said “I came though a tunnel to get here” Coco replied with “same , anyways lets get back home” they walk down the path and almost made it home.

Lilac couldn’t see the tunnel, they both looked around for the dark over grown tunnel but there was no trace of it, Lilac tried to imagen the tunnel but it didn’t work.

Then suddenly she had an idea, what if they both imagined that the tunnel was there and it worked. they both went home with a magical adventure to tell.

English for seasaw.

Once upon a time ⏰, there was a little girl 👧called Riley. Ever since she was at her old house she was happy 😘 with her friends because they had a secret hide – out. All of a sudden, when Riley never liked school 🏫 her mum👩 and dad👨 decided that they should move house but Riley never wanted to move house 🏡 because her hide – out was a secret tunnel with train 🚆 tracks from long ago so there were leaves everywhere in the tunnel. And she was that kind she shared it with her friends and her friends liked it so much that they want to keep it while Riley moved house 🏡 which she hadn’t yet. She also didn’t like the ride to school 🏫 on the bus 🚌 because it was to loud, and then she started to have a head ache so she decided to 🚶 to school. The only reason why she didn’t like school is because everyone kept bullying her and it’s because she has a really, really, really, really, really , really , really, really, really, really bad day at her school 🏫.

Chapter 2 Moving to a bigger house 🏡. “Right Riley hurry up and bring poppy with you , we’re moving house 🏡 now” said mum 👩. ” Ok mum 👩 I’m coming and poppy aren’t you stuff ,woof ” said Riley and poppy. Then Riley and Poppy ran down stairs. “Mum when are we moving to a bigger house 🏡”said Riley sniffling sadly😢. ” We are moving today dear” said mum 👩. “Right get in the car 🚗 ” said dad 👨 . Afterwards they went in the car and then the car started . Broom, broom, broom, broom, broom, broom, broooooooooooom. They went round a roundabout through a normal not a secret tunnel and over a bump on the road then it became dark and we saw , stars in the sky. ”  Everyone out the car we’re here” said dad. “When we get in Riley I want you and Poppy in bed now ok” said mum. “Ok goodnight mum goodnight 🌌dad and goodnight  poppy” said Riley.  “Goodnight dear “said mum and dad at the same time.Poppy then finally went fast asleep 😴 along with Riley asleep😴 too. Then dad and mum got all the stuff ready before they go to bed too.

My story

After hours or even days of walking in this tunnel I have found the light at the end of the tunnel. All of these exhausting hours have found the end. This felt like I’ve been here all my life, I thought there was no escape but I have found hope. My family must miss me I feel more bad for them than I do for me. I have not found signs of escaping this miserable tunnel since I entered this death trap. All I wish is that I could see my family and talk with them for at least a little. Starvation is getting on my mind now and it makes me feel sicker and sicker every day.    Every second I get closer and closer but am still far from the end. Whenever I think about my family, food and drinks I feel like it’s the last pain I will get in ages. I feel heart broken and lonely whenever I think about a person or a loved ones. Am getting pulled by a mysterious force, I don’t know what it is, it haunts me but am also thankful. Am getting closer to the light for the first time in ages, AM GOING IN!

Imagine a world that is filled with delicious smells, a never ending paradise of jolly stuff: This is the world standing in front of me. Stepping inside I feel sunshine touch my pale skin in a long time, it felt amazing. As soon as I stepped into the unknown I smelt a immediate smell whizzing around my nose, “Food!”, I thought. I had so many dreams and all of them came true immediately. I continued to wonder through this mysterious world. Blinding lights dance across the sky, A rainbow!”, I screamed aloud, wondering if this was a dream. “What else will surprise me?”…

Walking further into the unknown, I heard chirps of birds in the trees. I hear a mumbling voice in the background: I don’t think much of it. Stumbling on a rock, I got caught in a trap, I felt unconscious for a second but quickly got up. I found out  that it was a bear trap, I hear branches coming from far away snap then I got scared. I overestimated what would come and maybe eat me. Then right in front of me I saw a small animal, it looked blue, it had tall ears, big round eyes as big as a ball, and it also has a lot of fur all over. It was cute and tiny it couldn’t eat me so I thought. “What are you doing here?”, said the animal, I replied, “I went through a tunnel to here and got trapped.”, “Oh what’s your name, mines Cuchie.”, “Mines Jess.” I said. Cuchie seemed friendly so I was not scared anymore, “Can I have a tour around the world?”, “Yes you can said Cuchie releasing me from the the trap. “What kind of place is this, do you this?”, I asked waiting for a answer, “This is one of the many worlds out there, and yes I own. This world is a oasis and dreams to a lot of people, anyway let’s get on with the tour.”, replied Cuchie in a fashioned way.

Scratching my head I said,”Are you alone?”, in reply Cuchie said, “No there has been mysterious figures popping up and making havoc.”. “How can I help you?”, “You can’t.” unfortunate I thought…  We  walked and walked talking and I asked a lot of questions and still wondered about the figures. The blazing sun annoyed me so much so I asked to go inside. I did not want to stay here for long but I wanted to help Cuchie. night was coming by fast so I prepared to sleep, we both said goodnight to each other while walking to the houses. Throughout the night I heard strange noises: I thought it was those creatures. Come here. I got really scared and hid in my blanket, scared for my life I quickly fell asleep. Next morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, that must of been the scariest night of my life. Now I know what Cuchie meant by figures but I have not seen them yet. I needed to do something to stop this, I can’t imagine this happening every single night, I need a plan…

After experiencing the scariest thing of my life I had more to come by. The next morning I saw a Black Forest in the distance, I told myself to not touch it or get close to it but it was tempting. Quickly when I saw Cuchie, that was sitting on the bench, I said, “Hello, did you see those figures last night?”, “No, have you?”, replied Cuchie, “I have, strange.”. I turned around and saw oceans of black and darkness, I said, “We need to fix this now!”, “I’ve been trying for years on end but I can’t…” said Cuchie in sadness. I turned around and headed to the hut, when I got inside I got a piece of paper. Time flys by quickly and using my experience I managed to find out the weakness of the figures, which was light. Whenever I shined the candle the figures were gone in a flash, there might be a group of them. They love the dark so I made a plan to confuse and trick them. We can make my room very dark, then wait for the noises wait until the figures are close and make the room as bright as possible. I wanted it to be next night so I discussed with Cuchie. “Look at this plan I made!”, “Awesome! That should work but we need something bigger, brighter, a giant light bulb. Next night this all starts and all ends. 3AM The night is pitch black and I can’t see anything, which meant they will be here any second.  A dark mysterious portal opens, cracking footsteps, I feel wind gush across my face. Tick tock tick tock. The sky darkens, my eyes open and close without my control, I also notice am turning into ashes. Maybe it was too dark? I start to feel for the light switch but I don’t find it , then I start to panic. Finally I feel it, I hid under the blanket and switched it on, A blinding light bursts through my eye lids. Next morning I notice am in my original home I did it but I miss Cuchie, am in bed. Was this a dream after all?

My story

Not knowing what to do Jane courageously stood gazing at the gloomy tunnel which seemed to never end. This brave girl looked through the tunnel for some light using her beautiful eyes as a kaleidoscope but all she could see were lots of long , brown branches with a dozen of green spiky nettles. The youngster had no other option , so she took an enormous elephant sized step but nothing really seemed to happen. Her brain had no other plans for what to do so she decided to keep going but keep taking some smaller steps through this magical maze. Suddenly , she saw a letter which Jane thought it wouldn’t be very helpful but as it didn’t really bother her she quickly and rapidly opened the envelope as she didn’t want to waste any time. She didn’t want to waste time for two reasons , first she didn’t want to waste time because time is precious and secondly because she wanted to discover this forest – like never ending route. But to her horror she found something saying “ do not look back , you will see that there is some terrible disgusting fellow or should I say monster is following you or should I say chasing you ! ” and that was all. She did not dare to look back. As she quickly and rapidly ran away from the monster – like creature through the tree lined tunnel her heart beat fast while the wind screamed through the branches , in her ears making the leaves flee. But then finally Jane came to a door { which may have been the ending of the gloomy tunnel }.

A few moments later Jane had opened the wooden door. Imagine a place where the sun always shines , where blue drips of rain always pours and where the beautiful , colourful rainbow always appears : this was the new world Jane had discovered and had just stepped into. As she carefully took some small steps into the new , unique , wonderful world , the bright , yellow , burning hot sun smiled upon the youngster’s pale face as if a person { man or women } was welcoming her to the theme park or the Museum. Jane’s surroundings felt surreal ; she was in an absolute dramatic fantasy. Where was she ? A little cottage caught the youngster’s eye sight. where was she?

The new magical and wonderful world the youngster , who was called Jane , had discovered was very mysterious indeed. Whist she was taking a red sweet apple from the large tree , she decided to go to the cottage and ask about the new world she had entered a few minutes ago. “ maybe I should go to the cottage and ask about this new world ” she said to herself taking a bite in her apple. She quickly hid the apple so no one else could see it. She knocked the door. No one came but finally answered a tall man with a pale face just like hers who seemed like a body builder as he was very thick. He had strong legs and muscles on his arms : she could see them as he was wearing a half sleeves T-shirt. “ What do you want ? ” asked the pale faced man looking friendly. “ I have just stepped into this new and wonderful. Could you show me around it so I could get used to it please ? “ replied back Jane. “ Yes ” answered the friendly man. “ Could you tell me your name as I am not used to calling people man , women , girl or boy ? ” she asked. “ My name is Victor. Now come on , I’ll soon show you soon enough.

After a little hop around the meadow , they went home. “ Do you have a place to stay in ? ” “ Urr , yes Uh I do , ” lied Jane feeling scared. “ Ok ” said Victor smelling rats. She went away from the cottage starting to find a place to stay in. She regretted herself lying. By midnight she still hadn’t found a place to stay in! Suddenly , she was surrounded by a pack of hunting werewolves. She ruffly jumped upon her tearing her beautiful gown into ribs. Then the lights went off. This was her chance to escape.

She got away but the lights went back on. Then they went back on. Then they went back off. What a miracle !!!! Then Jane noticed that next to the long lamp post was a man but she couldn’t see who. When she went closer to it she saw that it was Victor ! “ How did you know that I was in trouble ? ” asked Jane. “ Here I will tell you , “.  Victor story told what happened. “ But I thought werewolves weren’t real , ” moaned Jane. “ That is what happens when you lie , ” chuckled Victor. “ Wait , I forgot to show you the best part , ” said Victor. Jane opened the door and she couldn’t believe her eyes ! This was not an ordinary cottage. Goodness knows when other people will face different difficulties !


Angleica’s dream

As Angelica stood there staring down this dark path wondering were it would lead to, feeling very frightened and anxious thinking does she really want to go down there. after a few minutes of pondering whether to go down or not she couldn’t help thinking what was at the end of the dark gloomy path. then she said to herself “only one way to find out” so she slowly took a step forward. She could see some lights in the distance glistening wondering what they was so she tip-toed walked towards them feeling very nervous. The blinding lights beamed into my eyes as I slowly approached this mysterious thing. As I got closer and closer I see this door with lots of flashing lights around it.

I froze in fear.

Imagine going to a place where you would have so much fun, bright colours everywhere. Everyone having such a wonderful time: that sort of place would be amazing . As I stepped through this mysterious, colourful door I couldn’t help but smell the delightful popcorn, candy floss, and sweets. Am I dreaming? continuing down the glowing path seeing all these unusual thing’s but with the sun giving everyone a big smile people seemed to be enjoying them self’s on the bumper cars. They were going super sonic speed around in circles. The door wasn’t the only thing mysterious the tent in the middle where the sun sat was to .

This amazing brightly coloured upside down theme park Angelica seems to have landed in has a mysterious tent in the middle, wondering what could be inside Angelica strolled over to have a peek as she got a little closer to the front of the tent she could hear someone shout at me
“Excuse me what are you doing here” Angelica looked around but couldn’t see anyone about Angelica could hear footsteps so she went to investigate a little more and then heard the voice again
” what do you want” she turned around only to see a clown standing there practicing his tricks, I jumped out of my skin as he gave me a little fright .
“hello what’s your name” she politely asked he replied
“my name is Coco the clown”​

Coco the clown loves to interact with people and make them laugh. He’s very comical and always has a great sense of humour ,also loves to play impractical jokes on people.
Wearing his out-standing costume there was a, over-sized bright yellow flower that would spray water at all the little boys and girls as they walked pass. On this occasion Coco wasn’t felling his happy self, in particularly with the rides at the theme park as they were all upside down. Seeing all the rides Coco thought they looked silly because they was the wrong way round, so he made it his mission to make things right so he began to change the rides the right way round as Coco thought that they would look better that way and they should be changed. The children see the ride the right way round which made them really happy ,
very excited to try it out as it looks so different to all the others.
As the children got on the ride they all had big smiles on their faces excited to try the new ride out the. As the ride started, there expressions on their faces changed and didn’t seem to be enjoying the ride as much as they should be
“Coco” Angelica said what have you done to the ride the children don’t seem to be enjoying it
“what have you done”
“I thought the rides looked strange upside down so I took it on my self to change it but now the children are not having such a great time now Coco said
“what am I going to do”.

With Coco watching all the children are not enjoying their self’s,
sad faces all other,
“I’ve got to fix this” said Coco
I cant stand here and see all these unhappy children, this place should make people extremely​ happy they should be enjoying them self.
“it will be alright” said Angelica we can fix this mess
“How” says Coco
“we can just put the rides back the way they were” said Angelica
“yes, that’s a great idea Angelica” said Coco but I will take a long time to sort this mess out
“I can help you Coco” says Angelica
Thank you lets get started and off they go to make the children happy again,
Coco and Angelica set off and sorted all the rides out so they was all upside down again, just the way the children loved them
once the rides were there strange looking self again the children started to enjoy them self’s, big happy smiles on peoples faces everyone having an amazing time, Coco was thankful Angelica’s help, which made Coco feel happy again  and (everyone else felt happy to.)
Angelica was happy that everyone is enjoying them self’s again.

Angelica woke up, what an amazing dream I just had, I wish there was such a thing as an upside down theme park, how strange would that be, I wish there could be one around here .


Sophia and the fiend

Sophia slowly, walked into the new world and she was shocked when she saw a creepy monster and gloomy trees. So she started to run into the deep dark forest, hoping that nothing pops out at her. Even though it is not a good idea to run into the woods she’s still going to do it because she is a brave person. A few minutes later she made a campfire and a tent because she is full of inventions. She is extremely tired and is going to sleep because it’s already been ages. She’s going to write a note to her parents that says “Imagine a world full of frights that will haunt you for the rest of your life, a place so petrifying you will flaunt in two minutes a place where you need to RUN. She is going to try and send that note to her parents their all probably worried sick wondering where I am “I can’t wait to go back home” she said quietly.

The next day the mysterious world had another crazy surprise in store for her and that surprise is well you wait and see. Sophia started to wonder around the woods and explore when she heard a crack in the distance, it was a girl lost in the darkness  she came up to Sophia and said “Hi my name is Chloe, please can you get me back home.” Sophia cleared her throat and said “Well I’m going to build a tele-porter and we can both go home.” But it might take a while  even though I’m a science genius I could use some hands. Don’t worry I’ll teach you how to use cables wires energy sources and all those! Chloe looked a bit worried and shocked” What’s wrong” Sophia said  “It’s  just that what happens if the experiment goes wrong ? I’m sure it Won’t sadly they were interrupted by the fiends awful minions. After some intense running they finally reached a safe spot to continue their invention. But they still have to be extremely careful and cautious because the Fiend and his minions are still on the hunt.

Sophia and Chloe finally found a safe spot to build their great invention but Sophia was shocked. The reason why she was shocked is because Chloe is a robot and its one of the Fiends nasty tricks. Sophia started to run as quick as a flash Chloe screamed “Wait” but it’s too late Sophia has already blasted off to somewhere else. After a few hours she finally found a spot to build her tele-porter and this time she’s actually going to finish it without getting interrupted all the time. Darkness shot up around her. Suddenly everything went cold and gloomy  but that won’t stop her from building  her teleporter  She isn’t scared of a monster castle with a gigantic red loopy tongue that can gobble a whole city up in one bite she isn’t scared because she always finds a way to outsmart the evil. The skill to beat someone who is bigger than you is that you have to be quicker more cautious and way more  smarter then them. Not long later  a strange sound  appeared  out off nowhere and it was the evil tree minions with red solid paint on their trunks which is a sign for war Sophia had a trick. Her trick was she was going to build a portal not a  teleporter she wasn’t going to build the portal home is was going to be another hidden spot in the woods. Sophia is lucky because the trees are scared of fire so she can throw a stick of fire to  make them distracted so she threw with power. In seconds they were running around screaming and Sophia had a smirk on her face it buoyed her a lot of time to finish. In a few minutes she finally finished her portal she saluted and said bye bye.

Sophia is now safe to build her tele-porter ,but the Fiend who is 195, is still on the chase and he is ready for battle. But Sophia isn’t going to give up now, she’s going to try and build this tele-porter if it takes a million years for her to do it. Sophia is half way through this tele-porter she is mainly focusing on the cables when again she hears the noise. It’s the trees and the came for revenge so Sophia better stay ready and cautious for battle. Fire in the hole they shouted  and they through a  gigantic boulder at her luckily it missed an hit the trees, Sophia  fired back and through a stick of fire and they were burnt to a crisp so she could build her tele-porter. A few minutes later she finished her tele-porter and now she can go back home to see her family But the fiend wasn’t done yet he came with Chloe dangling in his arms saying “hey Sophia come and get your friend” Sophia shouted “I know she’s a robot” The Fiend throw Chloe into the distance Sophia chucked water at him aah he screamed Sophia said bye bye Fiendand she jumped in the tele-porter nooooo he screamed. Sophia thinks she won but she lead them  right to her.

The End