One’s a  upon  a time this girl  found this weird looking tunnel she went in. Boom she looks back and saw nothing it was like she was trapped  she screamed but there was just one way to get out. Her gust was screaming at her but she had to go.

She felt like she was near the end of the tunnel. It started to get cold , so she put her hands  together and rubbed. Surprisingly, she looked up the tunnel and saw sun dancing through the trees. To make her feel safe, she started to think about home.

The girl finally got to the end of the tunnel, however she look up in the glistening sun shining above her. Suddenly, she went down this stone path hoping to find someone else. Boom! Without
looking, she bumped into something .”oh no’ she said, as she fell to the floor. She looked up and saw she had bump in to some one who live there. It was a girl who had brown hair and  about the same age. She said “hi there’ than said are you lost. As she help her of the floor. “Yes I am lost can you help me pls’ “l known how to get you home’ what your name said the girl who live there? Belle what your name? Said belle Isabell let’s go to the town.

“We are at town” said Isabell  this look nice place to live said belle before we take you home we got to go to my Nan ok said belle let go said Isabell . We are here said is a bell  it look nice said belle yay my Nan is a bit fans shy said Isabell  why did we come here said belle  Isabell said to  bake a pie ok said Bella

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