English for seasaw.

Once upon a time ⏰, there was a little girl 👧called Riley. Ever since she was at her old house she was happy 😘 with her friends because they had a secret hide – out. All of a sudden, when Riley never liked school 🏫 her mum👩 and dad👨 decided that they should move house but Riley never wanted to move house 🏡 because her hide – out was a secret tunnel with train 🚆 tracks from long ago so there were leaves everywhere in the tunnel. And she was that kind she shared it with her friends and her friends liked it so much that they want to keep it while Riley moved house 🏡 which she hadn’t yet. She also didn’t like the ride to school 🏫 on the bus 🚌 because it was to loud, and then she started to have a head ache so she decided to 🚶 to school. The only reason why she didn’t like school is because everyone kept bullying her and it’s because she has a really, really, really, really, really , really , really, really, really, really bad day at her school 🏫.

Chapter 2 Moving to a bigger house 🏡. “Right Riley hurry up and bring poppy with you , we’re moving house 🏡 now” said mum 👩. ” Ok mum 👩 I’m coming and poppy aren’t you stuff ,woof ” said Riley and poppy. Then Riley and Poppy ran down stairs. “Mum when are we moving to a bigger house 🏡”said Riley sniffling sadly😢. ” We are moving today dear” said mum 👩. “Right get in the car 🚗 ” said dad 👨 . Afterwards they went in the car and then the car started . Broom, broom, broom, broom, broom, broom, broooooooooooom. They went round a roundabout through a normal not a secret tunnel and over a bump on the road then it became dark and we saw , stars in the sky. ”  Everyone out the car we’re here” said dad. “When we get in Riley I want you and Poppy in bed now ok” said mum. “Ok goodnight mum goodnight 🌌dad and goodnight  poppy” said Riley.  “Goodnight dear “said mum and dad at the same time.Poppy then finally went fast asleep 😴 along with Riley asleep😴 too. Then dad and mum got all the stuff ready before they go to bed too.

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