The train station

When Isabella stepped first foot into the new world, she thought she had saw some black eyes behind the ticket booth. As soon as she saw those spooky eyes behind the ticket booth, she screamed and went and hid in the corner off the new place. Her heart was pounding like mad, her body was shaking fiercely and Isabella’s head was as wet as a swimming pool. While she was resting, something or someone was lurking inside the ticket place. Isabella suddenly woke up and quickly got up but when she got up, Isabella saw someone looking at her ”it looked like a animal” whispered the girl!” She slowly went and explored the ticket booth.

A couple off minutes later she courageously went in the ticket booth ”this is a dumb idea” muttered Isabella!” Off she went into the darkness off the ticket booth however as soon as she took her first step into the building, she saw a hamster. But this was no ordinary hamster, he had fur as fluffy as cotton, he had eyes as sparkly as glitter and he had hands that are the size of a pole. ”hello my name is Mia and what is yours” asked the hamster!” ‘h-hi my name is Isabella, why are u hiding” muttered the girl” ”A wild monster is chasing  me, quick hide”

A couple off hours later they were hiding but the monster was still outside looking but he gave up. ”Hey Mia are u hungry” politely asked Isabella!” I’m always hungry” said Mia!” They were hunting for food but all the cafes were shut down and they were gone for an eternity. ”Luckily I have two chocolate bars that are really tasty” murmured the furry hamster!” ”Great” said Isabella these can last forever!” Both of them went into the nearest train and started having a nibble of the chocolate bar.

Twenty minutes later they ate all the chocolate bars. ”Welp there goes our food” said Mia!” Their bellies were all full and big, they barely couldn’t move. After a few hours they got back up and started to explore a bit more. ”Isabella I found something ” shouted Mia!” ”What” screamed Isabella!” ”The poisonous spiders” said Mia!” They both had to be very quiet or else they will wake the spiders up. It was a problem for both of them because the haunted spiders were laying eggs and taking over the place which means they will bite the girls and poison them.

Isabella and Mia found a secret hatch that had a ladder and a hammer which could help them escape. Suddenly, Mia found a door that led outside however a group off spiders were guarding it. ”I got a cup off vinegar that can get the spiders away” whispered  Isabella!”                                                                                                                    ”Great we can throw it at them then they will zoom away” said Mia!” Isabella tried to splash them with the vinegar and boom they went away but they weren’t away for too long. ”Quick” screamed Mia!” Then they were running as quick as a ostrich and they escaped freely.


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