Leaflet to join the Roman army

Are you a fearless fighter ready to take on being in the Roman army? The Roman army don’t want weak men no, they are looking for strong men who climb high mountains with no complaints. Do you want to be remembered as a hero then come join the Roman army today! The Romans are counting on you.

When you join you will work with our powerful, healthy men to build courage, strengthen and bravery. You will join the Roman army and we will push you to be the best you can be.The training will be to walk 30 miles with all your equipment.Do you think you can handle it?The Roman army want, a man who is never afraid to go into battle and can fight effectively.

Do you like to go outside or do you dream of being a traveller? Then the Roman army is for you, march around our beautiful land and see all the wonders. But that’s not all you can camp under a clear night sky. Just imagine setting your tent under the dazzling night sky, lighting the warm, bright fire. But that’s not all, you can go hunting and shear the food with your tent buddies. That’s right you have tent buddies. Remember you will be travelling for 25 years.

We have spears, swords, shields and more in the Roman army, when you join you will be provided with the finest top notch equipment. Our equipment is crafted with care, by the best crafters in all of Rome. The equipment can be used to stab, jab and deflect attacks, it can also save your life. As well as using your equipment to attack you can use it as a tool, that’s right. Use your equipment to cut and chop. Remember our weapons are very sharp.

If your worried about your pay don’t, because we don’t pay you a small wage. When you kill someone in battle you can earn extra by robbing them. Everyone gets paid the same amount of money as the other so we can make it fair. Well what are you waiting for come and join the Roman army!

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