The Majestic big Castle

I gazed at the tunnel ahead and deliberated what lay ahead what was waited for me?

Slowly and anxiously, I took a deep breath and walked , looking above me I could see green bushes, entwinned in each other. As I progressed I became more excited, and I began to pick up my pace. My heart fluttered with excitement.

And as I walked onto the luscious green grass I started bouncing, But as I entered the majestic big castle I realized the whole entire castle was a bouncy castle. Suddenly out of know where kids are jumping and bouncing, I even noticed the walls were chocolate jumping after bouncing they never left the castle.

Happily bouncing away in her new and exiting world, She stopped in her tracks ” What was that noise?” She heard a squeak. Moving forward she saw a brown, fluffy mole.

“Who are you” she asked.

“I am Bert” he said.

Me and my family live in the woods over there. We made our own home using wood and leaves. We are busy during the day, and when we are finished our jobs we come to the castle.

After a long time of bouncing, Maria went into the thorny, green, luscious green forest, back to Bert’s home. At night they toasted marshmallows, and even told funny stories.

Suddenly out of know here millions of animals appeared, deafening sounds, screaming! She had to escape within minutes.

After running for minutes, she had found the thorny green passage again. She stared and thought who could be on the other side. Questioning if she ever wanted to leave the mole, The place she said she would stay forever. She thought she had to get away! The animals were getting closer. She ran through the thorny green passage back to where she came from, Home, She was finally there.

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