What is consent and permission?

We know that consent is where you will ask for permission to get a game or something you need .permission is where you let someone do something when ther allowed . They are the same thing but they are different they mean the same thing .

Is it ok to say yes or no for something?

You are alllowed to say no because if it was an online game and all your friends from school were on it and you created a world and you only wanted one of your friends to see it . Also your friend invited more you will be upset .                 

What happend with zishan and Maisie?

Zishan was showing maisie the world that he made maisie said it was “good ” Zishan said “thank you” . The next day maisie invited all there team mates but some strangers ,zishan said “Why are all these people here”. maisie  said “They are all are team mates from school