When the flawless food enters the mouth. It starts here, some teeth chew and gnaw; others munch and chomp. As food enters your mouth, pearl-coloured slab stones grind, munch and mandate your food. Eventually, that food was made into small lumps by your teeth you have eaten, it mixes with saliva and it becomes soft and easy to work with. Your tongue relocates the food to the different teeth with the different purposes, maybe you need to crush a fragment of your food. When you swallow, your mouth becomes an empty abyss where your food waits the impending doom to come… It hopes not to go down the windpipe. The esophagus makes the food down, although it uses a off-putting mucus. It is like a  train tunnel with the food as the train. A lifeless, empty train, wandering in lonely, deserted tunnels. However the doom awaits,which will be unpleasant, deadly doom.


The esophagus oozes out the food into its annihilation it was awaiting, yet  it doesn’t have a vague suggestion of what is to come next. Like as stone dropped in to a crystal clear lake, the swamp of acid ripples slightly The muscular bag is the size of a tennis ball: but it wont be for long. In a sudden, your stomach will start churning and turning. Soon it happened, the lumps were being drowned by mountainous tsunamis in your stomach. It shifted vigorously hoping to stay alive. It was it ( when your food was lifeless) bacteria remained to leave you unharmed. It was gone. Dead. Forgotten. As if nobody ever knew about it. Ever. But this isn’t where it ends, it doesn’t know what is to come… The soup (chime) is squirted into the intestine, luckily your stomach wasn’t digested because of special lining.


Your soup-like chyme travels through the small intestine. Despite the name, the small intestine is actually 6.5 meters long. Still the food meanders like a ghost in a dark hollow tunnel. Lonely tunnels. Uninhabited tunnels. tunnels where many pieces of food have disappeared.. It meets the wall to meets its end. Impending doom it can’t escape. Nobody has ever escaped, nor will they ever. All the nutrient (that keeps you going) is sucked out like the foods souls that will perish; nobody will ever see it again. Although the nutrient is sucked, the things we don’t need will go through the next progress. Again he large intestine said to be largest, it is actually smaller. It is 1.5 meters, but is thicker and wider that the small intestine. It sucks out all the other nutrient to make the chyme dry. Eventually it becomes waste. This was the story of a bit of food from when it was swept in to the body, to when it is now waste. This was the story of the food.

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  • When you blush, your stomach also turns red.
  • To prevent itself from digesting, your stomach replaces its lining every 2 days.
  • The average person ( in a lifetime), will fill up 2 whole swimming pools of saliva.
  • The small intestine is longer than the large intestine, although it is thin.
  • The digestive system has 2 main purposes;  to make nutrient from the food and make waste from the things we don’t need
  • Your food can go through your esophagus even when your are standing on your head.