What does permission and consent mean?

Permission means that you are allowed to do something and consent means that you are giving permission and you have got permission to do something. For example, if you ask someone to get access to an app, you will need consent to get access.

It’s Okay to Say No

It’s okay to say no because you are controlling yourself. Nobody else can control you. It’s your choice. Your teachers, parents, friends cannot ever control you. If someone forces you to do something you are not comfortable with, then you have the power to say no.

This is a story based on two friends playing a game. Zishan invites his friend Maisie in his zone with a join code.

“Wow, this place is amazing!” texts Maisie.

Then Zishan texts back, “Thanks, I really appreciate it,”.

The next day, Zishan logs into the game and finds out that Maisie has passed on the join code to other people.

“Maisie, who are these other people in my zone?” Zishan messages.

Maisie texts back being calm and chilled about it, “Oh, these are just a couple of friends from school! I just wanted to show how cool your zone was,”.

Zishan texted back ” Well, that’s not cool of how you didn’t ask me. I would have said yes, but it is not cool how you didn’t tell me,”.

Maisie didn’t ask Zishan for consent to share the code. This is why consent and permission is important.