What is Consent and Permission?

Consent is when you agree or allow something to happen. Permission means when you are asking for something or asking to do something. 

                               It is sometimes okay to say no to somethings.

If a company is asking for your personal information and you do not want to give it, you can say no, because you might not want them to give it out to other companies or get messages from them. Even if your friend is telling you to give you your account you do not have to do it.No one can force you to do something you do not want to do. You can say no if you feel uncomfortable or upset in a situation.

                                        Example-Zishan and Maisie.

In a game, a boy called Zishan made a zone that he was really proud of and wanted to show his friend. A friend he could trust. At least he thought he could. So he gave the the code to the zone.The day he showed her his spectacular world, she was so amazed by what she saw. But… The day following changed everything. Even their friendship. As he was loading into his world he found something that shocked him. There were people in his game who he did not know. As he asked Maisie she said in a sort of high pitched tone ‘They are, are friends from school.’ Zishan got really annoyed about it and did not know what to do. Maisie should of asked for Zishan’s permission before she gave out the code. Now everybody even stagers have access to his world.