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This half term in art we have learnt about the painting called Men At The docks .In one of the lessons we listened to the back ground music to give us an idea in my head of what is happening in the picture.

The magnificent Men At The Docks painting was painted by George Bellows. It was painted in 1912 and the painting took a year and a half. 

I like the Men At The Docks painting because it shows history and immigration.I like the different textures of the painting.The paintings colours are unique and make the painting stand out.

men of the dockes

On Tuesday 20  November  we visited  London,the  national gallery, in Trafalgar square.  we went there because we wanted to see the Men of the Docks painting by George Bellows. The bus trip was really  long, because there  was a lot of traffic,that is  why we were really late.The bus was a very long drive to London it was a bit boring  because I had nothing to do when we were on the bus I was just talking to Jay.

The most intresting part was the picture,because it was massive, and I did not know it was going to be that big. Men of the Docks was the most best painting. Wwhen I saw it, I did not notice there was a  broken boat. The painting was very dark .

My favourite part of the trip was the Men of the Docks painting because it was really big. I also liked the horse painting because it was realistic , massive and it looked like it was jumping out at me.

I liked the trip because it was fun ,although it was a very long day .

The Trip To The London Gallery.

On the 20th November we went to the London national gallery, we left at 7:30 and came back at 5:25 the journey was about 2 and a half hours long.  We went to see The Men At The Docks by George Bellows. The year group split int two groups and we both saw different paintings but we all saw The Men At The Docks.

In my opinion  the most interesting painting is Het Steen In The Early Morning by Peter Paul Rubens, because there is so much going on so there is a lot to look and think about. The Grand house is peters house and this meant to be a celebration picture.  Sadly, his wife died but he got marred again and bought that house so this painting was never meant to be for the museum.

The Men At  The Docks  was similar to what i imaged but it was more shiny and i did not expect it to be mixed with oil instead of water. It was  bigger then i expected and because it was bigger the details looked more grand.It looked a lot better in real life than on a screen of a TV / computer/ iPad.

My favorite part of the trip was walking through to the gift shop because i saw loads of different pictures some grusem some massive but all great. Discussing them with my friends was just as amazing so i wish we had more time at the gallery.

The National Art Gallery visit .

On Tuesday 20th of November year 6 went to The National Art Gallery in London .In central London is The National Art Gallery where year six went to take a closer look at the painting Men At The Docks.To avoid traffic we had to be at school for 7:15 the latest time 7:30 , to get on the coach and leave at 7:45.

As we  all walked in to the gallery we were all in shock to see  how huge it was . In total everyone looked at 4 or 5 paintings as we were  split into 2 groups so it was easier to have a look around. My  favorite painting was by Monet called Sow Scene At Argentina .This was my favorite because it has one particular scene and very different to all the other ones int the gallery .

The painting Men At The Docks was very different to what it looks like on screen . It is different because the texture was seen and it was a lot larger  than on the screen . I prefer the real painting because there is much more detail on the painting and you could see how much layers George Bellows had painted . 

My favorite part was when we had a chance to go around with my  little group and have a last minute  look at the paintings.

the national gallery

We went on the  coach and we left at 7:45, it tooke 3 hours to get to London.We went to the National Gallery on tuesday 20th November.  when we got there we had to get registered.

the most interesting painting i saw, was men at the docks’ because it is colourful . It was much bigger than i expected.

I did not know the buildings where there because we did not have the hole painting we had a small painting in school.

my favorite part was seeing the buildings on the way, i saw big ben and the london eye and the people


National gallery

As soon as, I got off the coach and entered the national gallery I was amazed because of how good the paintings were.After we entered the gallery we got put into groups and that meant we would stay with that teacher or a TA for the rest of the day.I was with Mrs Leonard. We went on Tuesday the 20th of November, we went because we were in art we were learning about the painting men of the docks.

The most interesting painting we looked at in the gallery was the fighting temeraineand that was by Turner.I liked this painting because it has lots of relaxing colours. The painting had a sunset in it and a lovely ship sailing away. It also looked like it was made out of oil paint because it was very shiny

After a while me and my group went to see the men of the docks. This painting looked very different in real life because on a screen the colours weren’t clear enough and when you see it in real life you can actually see the effort the painter has put in it. I was shocked when i saw the size of the painting. 

My favourite part of the trip was going to the gift shop because there was so much to see such as the outstanding stationery.My favourite part was also when we saw a painting that was made in a snowy place.I could see how much effort the painter put in because there was lots of nice detail.

I really enjoyed going to the phenomenal national art gallery.


National gallery

 On Tuesday the 20 th of November in London. we went because we were learning about men of the docks and they had the same picture we have been learning about  .As entered the extraordinary building I could see marble walls and marble floors . After we got in we put are coats and bags away Although ,it was very busy , we managed to put our stuff away.

After we got out of the cloak room we got onto groups with a teacher or a TA and I was with miss A and we stayed with them all day .we walked to were the toilets were and we got into a line and some people went upstairs with a tour person but we went down stairs with a different tour lady.

The most interesting painting we looked out was a snow painting by someone called Ruben and it was very detail because the tour lady said “it is very hard to draw snow because it is very white” so it was a very hard to draw . The reason I liked it because it reminded of Christmas because the snow.

The men of the docks painting was very different because when we all saw it on a computer we could not see the way they painted it and the detail . The paint the artist used was mixed with oil so it was a bit like butter and we got to feel how it would of felt like on a different peace of paper so we did not make the real one dirty . We also got to see what the people were looking at and it looked like the men were being rude and made the other man sad.

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to the gift shop we got to get some fun toys and stationery . I got a sharpener and a rubber connected and a buteafull pencil . I also loved when we looked at the snow painting because it was my favourite painting. 

That was what happed on my amazing school trip to the outstanding national gallery in London


National art gallery trip

On Tuesday 20th November 2018,Huntingdon primary school went to the national art gallery in London.we went there because we are learning about Men of the docks and other two fabulous paintings.

The most interesting painting was men of the docks because of the details especially the snow from the painting which they didn’t just white but they used a different colour to make the snow.

The men of the docks was different in real life because at school we seen it on the computer but it looked darker and smaller,but when we went to the gallery it was bigger and clearer.

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to the gift shop because I had five pounds and I could buy a souvenir from the art gallery and I saw lots of interesting things in the shop.



National gallery

We went to the National gallery in London on the 20th November 2018 because we needed to look at the picture Men of the Docks.

My personal  favourite painting was Rubens landscape. I really liked the huge house in the background and the painting had his  actual househis resentand then he got engaged to a women and a baby  so the painting was like a memory of his house and his wife who had past away

The painting Men of the Docks  looked different in real life because in real it was 10 times bigger in person. At school we had only seen when a little tiny bit of it , so then when you see all of it,it is a big difference.

My favourite part of the trip was when we saw the painting of a rich lady she was so beautiful in her big puffy purple dress and her hair up in a big ball of curls although I didn’t like the hair. I also enjoyed the painting by Ruben and it is called early morning.


Our trip to the national Gallery

On Tuesday 20th  November we went on a trip to the National Gallery in London to look at many fascinating painting. We left at 7:45 and arrived at 11:00, it was a long trip. Our year group went to see the painting named Men at the Docks to do with our term topic.

In my opinion the most interesting painting i saw was the painting that was called The fighting Temeraire. The reason why i liked it was because it had a really effective sunset that looked very realistic. The fighting temeraire was painted with oil paint. The painting, The fighting Temeraire, made me feel like i was actually at the scene where it was painted  because of the position that the boat was put in. The sun set gave me an impression of heavon because it had used the coloures that i would imagine heaven would be. The fighting temeraire, which was extremely beautiful, was painted by terner. However, this painting is now in The National Gallery.

The men of the Docks, our topic painting, was a shock because it was really overwhelming because of the gigantic size. When our tour gide first took us over to see the painting i felt like it was jaw dropping moment. We got asked many questions about what we thought. Before i arrived i thought it was really small but when i saw it i felt relived because i got to see the painting all put together instead of just pieces of it. At first i thought that the metal part of the boat was a wall because you couldn’t see the top bit of the Titanic-like ship.

My favourite part of the trip was walking about slowly so we got to see many magnificent and majestic paintings. All of the paintings were different sizes and a wide range of colours. Some painting were just of a background and some others were of people. In the trip i akso enjoyed going to the gift shop and seing many different toys and pens and much more. In the National Gallery shop there were mini painting of the ones we saw as we were slowly walking about.