what is consent and permission?

Consent is when give permission to do something like take a picture and post it. Permission is when you ask to do something. They are different because consent is when you let someone do something and permission is when you ask for it.

Its okay to say NO.

It is okay to say no to permissions because that is apart of your rights as a citizen. If you have been threatened to do something and you are not comfortable doing it you do not have to do it. For example if your playing a game online and a stranger sends you a friend request you do not have to accept it because you do not know who they are.

Example situation

Zishan builds an island and invites his friend Maisie. They play on it and leave. The next day Zishan comes on to find that Maisie has shared the island with her friends without Zishan`s permission. they text about it and Zishan gets angry. Maisie should have asked first and excepted his answer even if it was not the answer she wanted.

by Macie and Scarlett