Consent and permission

Although people think they mean the same they actually don’t. Consent is when you are asking for the right to do something. Permission is when you have been told to do so or you already have the right. Permission is you asking for the right and consent is giving the right.


It’s okay to say no

You have the right to say no to things. Sometimes you don’t have the right to say no and it has to be done. For example, if you were playing a game and the company said they wanted your personal information. If you feel comfortable you can say yes but you should be careful, you could be risking yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can say no. All companies have to ask for your permission for any terms or conditions. You can tick the box but the company can’t for you. An example for not being able to say no is when the police need to check you, they are doing it for safety.

Organisations ask for your permission before taking your personal information. This is a law called GPPR.  Organisations can be fined if they share information without asking, even schools follow it. When you are 13 you are responsible to look after your own information. Any age under, the information will be kept by their parents.


An example…

Zeshan and Masie are friends. One day Zeshan makes a game and gives Masie the code to it. Masie texts back saying that it was an amazing game. The game was called island X. Masie also types back saying that one day you shoud be a game designer. Zeshan sends back smiley emojis.

the next day…

Zeshan is angry and texts Masie saying have shared the code with other people. I found other people in my zone. Masie saw the message  and types back yes I did share it with my friends in school. Zeshan said you should have atleast asked…I might have said yes. He also sent an angry emoji.

Whats wrong?

Masie gave out the code without consent. Zeshan might not know who those people are just because Masie knows them. They might not be at school at all, they might be strangers.

What should have happened?

Masie should have asked Zeshan for permission before sharing it. Zeshan did say he might have said yes. Masie then could then send it to others if Zeshan agreed.


Stay safe on this years safer internet day!



Consent and Permission

What is Permission and consent?

Consent is  asking for permission, and is most commonly used online. Such as, companies asking for personal information, and asking to give out codes to  a game. Permission  is giving your approval to something effecting yourself  to some thing.

It is ok to say no

If you feel uncomfortable or upset about something It is okay to say no also it’s your personal right to be able to deny somebody request . 

A story

There was a boy called Zeshain Who created a rob lox world and told his friend Maisie a code to enter his world. It was all ok until the next day Maisie told the code to some people without Zeshains permission on his game. This isn’t right because she did not ask for permission

Power of no

What is consent and permission?

Consent is when you are allowed to do something and permission is when you are allowed to do something, an example of this is if a photo is shown online with the person’s permission.

It’s okay to say no.

It’s okay to say no because sometimes you don’t have to do something that a person is asking you to do. However you can’t sometimes have a choice to say yes or no. Your friends also have to ask permission to do something that involves you like adding a new person in your group or telling your personal details, also some companies have to ask your personal details but you can say no to telling your details.

An example for not asking permission to tell people your friend’s personal information.

A story about not telling permission is a boy called Zishan invited his friend Maisie into his game Maisie she says she likes the world and says for Zishan to be a game designer. The next day, Zishan realises that lots of strangers in his world he asks Maisie why there is so many people in his world, she says that they are friends from school but Zishan is angry that she has not asked for permission to tell people the code to get into Zishan’s world, Zishan says you should have asked for permission instead of inviting people I do not know. This is wrong because Maisie has not asked for permission for people in Zishan’s world. She should have asked for permission from Zishan so he could have said yes or no.

By Ansel and Stefan.