what is consent and permission?

Consent is when you agree or allow to do something.Permission is when you ask someone to do something.

                        It is okay to say no.

Sometimes you have to say no. For example if you download a game and it asks for terms and conditions,you can say no because it is your choice to share your personal information or not.

                       Example:Zishan and Maisie

In a online game, a boy called Zishan designed a zone that he was really proud of. He was so proud of  it that he gave the code to the zone to his friend Maisie. Maisie really liked the zone and she gave the code to a few other people that she said were her friends. Zishan got angry because Maisie did not ask Zishan for his permission. That is called not asking for permission. Even if she asked Zishan he could of gave her consent and maybe say yes.After that Zishan was angry.