We went to the National gallery in London on the 20th November 2018 because we needed to look at the picture Men of the Docks.

My personal  favourite painting was Rubens landscape. I really liked the huge house in the background and the painting had his  actual househis resentand then he got engaged to a women and a baby  so the painting was like a memory of his house and his wife who had past away

The painting Men of the Docks  looked different in real life because in real it was 10 times bigger in person. At school we had only seen when a little tiny bit of it , so then when you see all of it,it is a big difference.

My favourite part of the trip was when we saw the painting of a rich lady she was so beautiful in her big puffy purple dress and her hair up in a big ball of curls although I didn’t like the hair. I also enjoyed the painting by Ruben and it is called early morning.