On Tuesday 20th of November year 6 went to The National Art Gallery in London .In central London is The National Art Gallery where year six went to take a closer look at the painting Men At The Docks.To avoid traffic we had to be at school for 7:15 the latest time 7:30 , to get on the coach and leave at 7:45.

As we  all walked in to the gallery we were all in shock to see  how huge it was . In total everyone looked at 4 or 5 paintings as we were  split into 2 groups so it was easier to have a look around. My  favorite painting was by Monet called Sow Scene At Argentina .This was my favorite because it has one particular scene and very different to all the other ones int the gallery .

The painting Men At The Docks was very different to what it looks like on screen . It is different because the texture was seen and it was a lot larger  than on the screen . I prefer the real painting because there is much more detail on the painting and you could see how much layers George Bellows had painted . 

My favorite part was when we had a chance to go around with my  little group and have a last minute  look at the paintings.