This argument has been going on for years what really happened is a misterie but some if the story has been uncovered this is how the king died. One day the two most trusted generals Macbeth and Banguo went for fearsome battles it was a victory. After the battle banquet and Macbeth met up with three witches who told him he would be king he wrote a letter to his wife telling her what had happened not intending to kill . Lady Macbeth wanted it to happen and did not believe it was going to so she wanted to kill the current king . She ordered Macbeth to make a party epithet the king that night. When Macduff went in the kings room he was dead.


Some people think lady Macbeth forced Macbeth to do it and framed the guards on the other hand some people think that she gave him a choice and gave them food because they looked hungry but she did not know it was going to make them fall asleep.some people think that there were daggers by them because she put them there however some people think that they were there because they were getting ready in case burgers  were coming and hey were weapons .


The evidendence given to show lady Macbeth committed the murder was that she was angry when the sons left acting like she  was hiding what she had done and new that they were fleeing because of the murder. Some people say she was just mad because they should get help for there dad not just flee .


some people think she ordered a party because she wanted to celebrate her husbands victory on the other hand some people think that she ordered a party to see what shall be hers and kill the king and because she wanted to trick Macbeth .one on going debate point is …


some people think that Macbeth huliscinated because he was scared of being court committing murder however some people think he huliscinated because he was scared what lady Macbeth would do if he did not commit the murder .some people think he said is that a dagger I see before me because he was looking for the murder weapon however some people think that he said that because he was half allele and did not know what he was saying .

my finial paragraph is the conclusion of this balanced argument are finial decision is that lady Macbeth is guilty . My opinion is that she was guilty and should have gone to prison .

24 Feb 2019


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We have many reports in Scotland in a big argument over if lady Macbeth should go to prison or not. The judge decided that she should go to prison for planning the murder and framing the guards. Now we will go to the defendant the reason why the defendant is here is because lady Macbeth didn’t stab the king so she is innocent.

On one hand some people think that she should go to prison because she planned the party so she could drug the guards. The reason why lady Macbeth could be innocent is because Macbeth carried the murder. However, In the case of the murder someone herd lady Macbeth tell Macbeth the plan therefore she could be guilty.Some me people believe that because the witches gave the prophecy that…., she is not responsible for the murder because she did not kill the king However, after reading the letter she wanted Macbeth to kill king Duncan the witches did not say this.


She could could be guilt because she made everybody come to the party to tier them out so they would retire to there rooms. She could be guilty because she planned the whole thing for many years.


She could be innocent because she never did any of the violence or stabbing. She could be innocent because she was not near the king.


Therefore the act was carried out by Macbeth so she is innocent but she is a guilty lady because she made the plan.


I want to argue that she is guilty for the murderous crime she should be isolated from Scotland.







24 Feb 2019

The murdered Lady Macbeth

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Before considering all the evidence if Lady Macbeth is guilty or not .Macbeth also got into the fight by killing King Duncan ,but Lady also did something daft by creating the plan to kill King Duncan and she also committed the muderer by spreading the blood on the guards.

The incident happened last night when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth tried to murder the King Duncan. There was one problem the guards were in the way .So no one can get in Cawdor Castle. So the nasty Lady Macbeth had a plan to make sure the guards will sleep. she dunked the guards to get inside the castle walking quietly through the steps so that no one can hear you that you are going to kill King Duncan so that no one will notice.

In my opinion Macbeth is not guilty because, even though he killed King Duncan It was not his plan to kill him 100%. It was Lady Macbeth’s fault for forcing Macbeth to kill King Duncan.The reason why people think Macbeth is guilty because Lady Macbeth gave a choice to Macbeth to kill King Duncan or not to kill King Duncan.But Macbeth had to kill King Duncan or else if he doesn’t kill King Duncan his wife will take the blame on him.

The benifictual reason is that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is guilty Because Lady Macbeth made the plan and Macbeth killed King Duncan. The reason behind this is that cause they are both Thane of Cawdor they can be king and queen after Malcom and Donaldbain are dead.


I think the lesson we learnt today for us Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is that if you are so close to be king and queen you have to wait until the time comes. Sighened by Jossin Rijo.

The argument has been going on for centuries but what has happened is unknown , there is a story about it , it goes like this…   Macbeth was a hero and became thane of Cawdor after three witches told him he would be king . So lady macbeth persuaded Macbeth to kill Duncan and become king . After Macbeth became king he sent his servants to kill other inoccent survivors , soon Macduff , also a thane ,killed Macbeth because he figured out the truth about the Macbeth’s …

Some people think Lady Macbeth is inoccent because she didn’t commit the murder , it was Macbeth and she didn’t let her servants kill others , did she ? Athough that is true, lady Macbeth did persuade Macbeth to do it and she framed the guards …

Others think that lady Macbeth is guilty because she  planned everything , she knocked out the guards and she tricked Macbeth . They also think that lady Macbeth was really mad so macbeth huliscinated while killing Duncan.

Others said that Macbeth is guilty because he did actually committ the murder  not lady Macbeth , he made his servants kill others and he agreed to it .they also think that he may have killed Lady Macbeth , he also may have wanted her to feel some guilt so freaked out in front of guests …

After considering all the evidence ,we came to a final decision , lady Macbeth is … INNOCENT!! A reason for this is that Macbeth actually committ the murder, not lady Macbeth. Although this evidence tells a story , there is different evidence that leads to a different story , in fact it is my opinion ! My opinion is that she is guilty because she planned it , she persuaded Macbeth and She framed the guards.

25 Jan 2019

My Review On The Book Gangsta Granny ( David Walliams )

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What happens ( quick story )

Main Characters : Ben and granny

Ben doesn’t like his granny. She has white hair , used tissues tucked up her sleeves, false teeth and most importantly she is a international jewel thief . Ben goes to his granny on Fridays while his parents go on “dates”. One day,  when his granny went to get something he went to get a cookie and found a ton of jewels, his granny was coming so he ran to his seat . Another day he went after his granny and found out she is a gangsta granny.

What Happened (flashback)

In the story there are two main characters grand’par and a boy called Jack. In the story his grand’dad is the person he relies on the most . In the story he loves going to war museums and playing  war with his granddad because he was actually in the 2 World War Two. In the middle he gets an illness that can progress and get worse, he was going to have a short life expectancy. This means Jack had to make the most of being with his grand’par. However, one day his illness called dementia got worse and he had to go to a special hospital for poorly people. Soon the boy Jack had a plan, he would escape to get grand’par out of hospital but how?

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kathrine of Aragon

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Kathrine of Aragon was a Spanish citizen. She got married to king Henry the VII  to show peace to both countries and to show they are friendly. Kathrine was also the daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, which meant she was princess and going to be queen . Her marriage to King Henry the VIII was in 1509. Henry divorced her  when she was 47, they divorced in 1533. After this, King Henry the VIII  fell in love with Anne Boleyn, the first time he lade eyes on her but not literally.  She was married and in love with King Henry’s brother, unfortunately he died so she got married to King Henry. Kathrine of Aragon was forced to get married to king Henry her parents forced her to get married . King Henry and Kathrine had a daughter called princess Mary. At the age of 47 they divorced .

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Jane Seymour was born in about 1508 at Wulfhall, Wiltshere.

Here dad was John Seymour and her mum was Margery Wentworth.

Jane Seymour was distantly related to Henry VIII and she shared a great grand mother with Henry’s second wife ANNE Boleyn.

Image result for jane seymour getting married to henry viii

See the source image


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Kathryn Howard

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Due to recent research, I have discovered that Katherine Howard’s birthday is roughly in 1521 . She was the cousin to the fated Anne Boleyn and she was the lady-in-waiting to Anne of Cleves. Henry called Kathryn his “Rose without a thorn ” .

At the age of 19 she got married to Henry Vlll, on July 28th 1540 in Oatlands Palace, Surrey . She was accused of adultery and got beheaded in the Tower of  London. This was on 13th Febuary 1542 , 6 years after her cousin..

By Hannah , Sarah , Szymon and Alfie .

19 Dec 2018

My new backpack By Sarah

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About 2 weeks ago i came back from Poland , during the time that i was in Poland i got a new backpack with a cute dog on it . I got it from a shop called “Biedronka” which means ladybird .The bag says hi friend and I use it as my guard dog . The bag is my schoolbag i put my lunchbox , PE kit, books and snacks in there.