24 May 2019

BIG WRITE 24.5.19

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Once upon a time, in a dark gloomy room there was a man called Jimbob , a dusty piano and nothing else. The room was like a cave and Jimbob was very lonely. One day he was playing his piano when suddenly, next to him appeared the ghost of his beautiful wife.

In complete shock, he continued to play as all of his memories began to come back. Out of nowhere, Jimbob  went back to when he was in the war! The battlefield was destroyed Jimbob  and his friend continued to fight however  the grey wall they were hiding behind was being crumpled to pieces. Then the inevitable happened as his friend moved out to the side of the wall he was shot and even though Jimbob tried to save him he sadly passed away.

As he looked up to the sky, he suddenly went to when he bought his son his first toy. It was a wooden horse! When his son who was called Jeff picked up the toy his face lit up! He had braces on but that did not stop him from running around the room at a great speed. However, when he was running around the room something amazing happened. He began to evolve and eventually he turned into Jimbob’s grandson who was called Jim. Jim put the horse down and climbed on to the grand piano and played the last notes with Jimbob.



24 May 2019

Piano Story Big Write By Tyler

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In a erry cave of  darkness sat a mysterious man that lived on his own for countless years. He had a wife that slowly past away a couple of years ago. In his head he was always was thinking about her. In his head his wife was playing the piano with him and swiftly kissed him on the cheek before she faded away.

After that the lost and confused man had a memory of him going to a battle field filled with 100s of dead body’s. Him and his friend did join the fight the man was trying to heal himself. Just a second later his friend  got sniped and flow onto the ground. No mater what the tryed he could not save his very best friend. 

During the war the aged man sent his son a gift from the war. When the kid got the gift and opened it he got a little wooden horse. The kid was playing with the nice toy horse peacefully. 

Next the old mans good little boy I’d mysteriously turned into the mans grandson and the aged mans son did lend the little toy horse to his son to play with. The grandson did ride around The piano with the little toy horse. The kid did pot the horse on the ground and did jump up on the piano set and started playing the piano with his grandad. 

After that the nice lovely music coming from the piano did swiftly ended and the rome turned completely pitch black. 



24 May 2019

The Piano By Chloe

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In a dark eerie cave sat an mysterious ancient man. He gracefully played the piano. He was a very lonely old man because his wife died a few years back. 

Suddenly he remembered when his wife used to play the piano with him. In his imagination she came to him. She walked up to him and gracefully kissed him on the cheek. They then played the piano peacefully. A couple of seconds later she faded into thin air.

He thought about when he went to war with his friend. They were fighting to save their county. When his friend went to shoot he got shot. Despite how hard he tried to save him he just couldn’t. That day his good friend died in his arms.

 As he thinks of this the music gets louder.

He then remembered a wonderful thought of when his son got a present, it was an hobby horse . Hs son played on it for hours. His sons braces were shown. Strangely his son changes into his grandson, his  grandson rode the horse to his grandfather. He dropped the toys and sat on the chair with his grandfather. They ended the tune by his grandson pressing the end note. The had a great evening.


24 May 2019

The Piano!

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The story began in a room of darkness,it’s like a empty lonely cave with no one inside it.Suddenly music started playing it sounded very emotional and an old man was playing a sad,emotional music he had a ring on his fourth finger.Then an old lady appeared from nowhere and started playing with the old man they had looked  like they were married but then the old lady appeared to be a ghost and kissed him on the cheek the man had looked very very sad .The ring was fulled up to the top of love and memories.



Then the man looked up and saw him in a helmet with a red as blood cross it was like the man was in World War 2 he was behind a wall of safety defending us from the deafening bombs and The bombs sound like bombs scream words of disaster through the bright sky and with the man there was his friend that sadly got shot and died the had holded  his arm while his friend dies slowly next to him the man looked like he was about to turn into a flood.



After that the man memorised him as a child getting a wooden horse he started to play with it the horse was as fast as a motorcycle riding around the house .But then there was a boy wearing modern clothes and the boy sat next to the man and played with him and then they smiled at each over and they were both really happy.


by Nadia.

24 May 2019

The piano

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He sat in a dark room. The room was empty like his heart and soul. As he played a calm,relaxing melody on his piano his wrinkled fingers softly pushed down a piano key to create a flowing melody that made his mind wonder off and dive into his dismay memories and his happy memories he had created many years ago.

With his wife in his mind he went to push down another key with his wrinkled finger but when he turned he saw the most amazing thing he had seen in years,the ghost of his wife softly pushed down the key for him,and then gave him a final kiss goodbye as this was the last time he would see her ever again.

After he got his sweet kiss planted on his cheek his mind turned towards when he was a medic in war. He tried to save his best friend from passing away but he couldn’t this left him in a guilty state,seeing his best friend pass away in his arms. He knew the cross on his hat was supposed to be a sign of help and protection but he hadn’t done his job correctly, so this led his friend to death. He heard gun shots everywhere in a panic he tried to lift his friend of the cold,hard floor and save him but he couldn’t. He has felt guilty ever since.

His mind summon’s him back to the dark empty room. He carry’s on playing his sweet,calming melody to cheer him up a little bit.

Soon enough he remembered another memorie of  when he was a boy and he received a present from his family.It was a wooden hobby horse. He then passed it onto his grandson for him to look after. Then the grandson came, sat next to him and then gently pressed the final key to finish the melody. Then they smiled at each other.


24 May 2019

The Piano by Andrea Jane

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In a pitch black room, which was like a dark ominous cave of memory, an old man plays a piano of sorrowfulness. The miserable man continues to play the melody of tears, an old lady’s ghost appears right beside the old man. The old lady was the old man’s wife but she was a friendly ghost who, started playing the piano with him and then she gave the elderly man a kiss on his cheek and she vanished into thin air. This makes the old man have a flashback of the wedding ring which was made of crystals and sparkles of magic. Again, having another flashback, the old man runs back into the past, wearing a world war uniform and hat, he hears the gunshots of bombs exploding with ambition, across the clustered battlefield. The old man’s mate comes out of behind of one of the crumbly, brick walls, but when the mate of the man charges out but, unfortunately he got shot by his enemy, which led him to his death. After, a while the old man has another flashback, when he was young and when he got a gift. It was a toy hobby horse. The hobby horse toy feels as realistic as sitting on a real, galloping horse. The boy rides his toy horse around the piano, half way through, new, modern cloths appear on the boy, which is now not the grandpa when he was young, but the grandpa’s grandson. The boy sits beside the grandpa and plays the piano with the old man and smiles at the end.

By Andrea

This argument has been going on for years what really happened is a misterie but some if the story has been uncovered this is how the king died. One day the two most trusted generals Macbeth and Banguo went for fearsome battles it was a victory. After the battle banquet and Macbeth met up with three witches who told him he would be king he wrote a letter to his wife telling her what had happened not intending to kill . Lady Macbeth wanted it to happen and did not believe it was going to so she wanted to kill the current king . She ordered Macbeth to make a party epithet the king that night. When Macduff went in the kings room he was dead.


Some people think lady Macbeth forced Macbeth to do it and framed the guards on the other hand some people think that she gave him a choice and gave them food because they looked hungry but she did not know it was going to make them fall asleep.some people think that there were daggers by them because she put them there however some people think that they were there because they were getting ready in case burgers  were coming and hey were weapons .


The evidendence given to show lady Macbeth committed the murder was that she was angry when the sons left acting like she  was hiding what she had done and new that they were fleeing because of the murder. Some people say she was just mad because they should get help for there dad not just flee .


some people think she ordered a party because she wanted to celebrate her husbands victory on the other hand some people think that she ordered a party to see what shall be hers and kill the king and because she wanted to trick Macbeth .one on going debate point is …


some people think that Macbeth huliscinated because he was scared of being court committing murder however some people think he huliscinated because he was scared what lady Macbeth would do if he did not commit the murder .some people think he said is that a dagger I see before me because he was looking for the murder weapon however some people think that he said that because he was half allele and did not know what he was saying .

my finial paragraph is the conclusion of this balanced argument are finial decision is that lady Macbeth is guilty . My opinion is that she was guilty and should have gone to prison .

24 Feb 2019


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We have many reports in Scotland in a big argument over if lady Macbeth should go to prison or not. The judge decided that she should go to prison for planning the murder and framing the guards. Now we will go to the defendant the reason why the defendant is here is because lady Macbeth didn’t stab the king so she is innocent.

On one hand some people think that she should go to prison because she planned the party so she could drug the guards. The reason why lady Macbeth could be innocent is because Macbeth carried the murder. However, In the case of the murder someone herd lady Macbeth tell Macbeth the plan therefore she could be guilty.Some me people believe that because the witches gave the prophecy that…., she is not responsible for the murder because she did not kill the king However, after reading the letter she wanted Macbeth to kill king Duncan the witches did not say this.


She could could be guilt because she made everybody come to the party to tier them out so they would retire to there rooms. She could be guilty because she planned the whole thing for many years.


She could be innocent because she never did any of the violence or stabbing. She could be innocent because she was not near the king.


Therefore the act was carried out by Macbeth so she is innocent but she is a guilty lady because she made the plan.


I want to argue that she is guilty for the murderous crime she should be isolated from Scotland.







24 Feb 2019

The murdered Lady Macbeth

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Before considering all the evidence if Lady Macbeth is guilty or not .Macbeth also got into the fight by killing King Duncan ,but Lady also did something daft by creating the plan to kill King Duncan and she also committed the muderer by spreading the blood on the guards.

The incident happened last night when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth tried to murder the King Duncan. There was one problem the guards were in the way .So no one can get in Cawdor Castle. So the nasty Lady Macbeth had a plan to make sure the guards will sleep. she dunked the guards to get inside the castle walking quietly through the steps so that no one can hear you that you are going to kill King Duncan so that no one will notice.

In my opinion Macbeth is not guilty because, even though he killed King Duncan It was not his plan to kill him 100%. It was Lady Macbeth’s fault for forcing Macbeth to kill King Duncan.The reason why people think Macbeth is guilty because Lady Macbeth gave a choice to Macbeth to kill King Duncan or not to kill King Duncan.But Macbeth had to kill King Duncan or else if he doesn’t kill King Duncan his wife will take the blame on him.

The benifictual reason is that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is guilty Because Lady Macbeth made the plan and Macbeth killed King Duncan. The reason behind this is that cause they are both Thane of Cawdor they can be king and queen after Malcom and Donaldbain are dead.


I think the lesson we learnt today for us Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is that if you are so close to be king and queen you have to wait until the time comes. Sighened by Jossin Rijo.

The argument has been going on for centuries but what has happened is unknown , there is a story about it , it goes like this…   Macbeth was a hero and became thane of Cawdor after three witches told him he would be king . So lady macbeth persuaded Macbeth to kill Duncan and become king . After Macbeth became king he sent his servants to kill other inoccent survivors , soon Macduff , also a thane ,killed Macbeth because he figured out the truth about the Macbeth’s …

Some people think Lady Macbeth is inoccent because she didn’t commit the murder , it was Macbeth and she didn’t let her servants kill others , did she ? Athough that is true, lady Macbeth did persuade Macbeth to do it and she framed the guards …

Others think that lady Macbeth is guilty because she  planned everything , she knocked out the guards and she tricked Macbeth . They also think that lady Macbeth was really mad so macbeth huliscinated while killing Duncan.

Others said that Macbeth is guilty because he did actually committ the murder  not lady Macbeth , he made his servants kill others and he agreed to it .they also think that he may have killed Lady Macbeth , he also may have wanted her to feel some guilt so freaked out in front of guests …

After considering all the evidence ,we came to a final decision , lady Macbeth is … INNOCENT!! A reason for this is that Macbeth actually committ the murder, not lady Macbeth. Although this evidence tells a story , there is different evidence that leads to a different story , in fact it is my opinion ! My opinion is that she is guilty because she planned it , she persuaded Macbeth and She framed the guards.