24 May 2019

Piano Story Big Write By Tyler

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In a erry cave of  darkness sat a mysterious man that lived on his own for countless years. He had a wife that slowly past away a couple of years ago. In his head he was always was thinking about her. In his head his wife was playing the piano with him and swiftly kissed him on the cheek before she faded away.

After that the lost and confused man had a memory of him going to a battle field filled with 100s of dead body’s. Him and his friend did join the fight the man was trying to heal himself. Just a second later his friend  got sniped and flow onto the ground. No mater what the tryed he could not save his very best friend. 

During the war the aged man sent his son a gift from the war. When the kid got the gift and opened it he got a little wooden horse. The kid was playing with the nice toy horse peacefully. 

Next the old mans good little boy I’d mysteriously turned into the mans grandson and the aged mans son did lend the little toy horse to his son to play with. The grandson did ride around The piano with the little toy horse. The kid did pot the horse on the ground and did jump up on the piano set and started playing the piano with his grandad. 

After that the nice lovely music coming from the piano did swiftly ended and the rome turned completely pitch black. 



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