24 May 2019

The Piano by Andrea Jane

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In a pitch black room, which was like a dark ominous cave of memory, an old man plays a piano of sorrowfulness. The miserable man continues to play the melody of tears, an old lady’s ghost appears right beside the old man. The old lady was the old man’s wife but she was a friendly ghost who, started playing the piano with him and then she gave the elderly man a kiss on his cheek and she vanished into thin air. This makes the old man have a flashback of the wedding ring which was made of crystals and sparkles of magic. Again, having another flashback, the old man runs back into the past, wearing a world war uniform and hat, he hears the gunshots of bombs exploding with ambition, across the clustered battlefield. The old man’s mate comes out of behind of one of the crumbly, brick walls, but when the mate of the man charges out but, unfortunately he got shot by his enemy, which led him to his death. After, a while the old man has another flashback, when he was young and when he got a gift. It was a toy hobby horse. The hobby horse toy feels as realistic as sitting on a real, galloping horse. The boy rides his toy horse around the piano, half way through, new, modern cloths appear on the boy, which is now not the grandpa when he was young, but the grandpa’s grandson. The boy sits beside the grandpa and plays the piano with the old man and smiles at the end.

By Andrea

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