24 May 2019

The Piano!

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The story began in a room of darkness,it’s like a empty lonely cave with no one inside it.Suddenly music started playing it sounded very emotional and an old man was playing a sad,emotional music he had a ring on his fourth finger.Then an old lady appeared from nowhere and started playing with the old man they had looked  like they were married but then the old lady appeared to be a ghost and kissed him on the cheek the man had looked very very sad .The ring was fulled up to the top of love and memories.



Then the man looked up and saw him in a helmet with a red as blood cross it was like the man was in World War 2 he was behind a wall of safety defending us from the deafening bombs and The bombs sound like bombs scream words of disaster through the bright sky and with the man there was his friend that sadly got shot and died the had holded  his arm while his friend dies slowly next to him the man looked like he was about to turn into a flood.



After that the man memorised him as a child getting a wooden horse he started to play with it the horse was as fast as a motorcycle riding around the house .But then there was a boy wearing modern clothes and the boy sat next to the man and played with him and then they smiled at each over and they were both really happy.


by Nadia.

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