24 May 2019

BIG WRITE 24.5.19

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Once upon a time, in a dark gloomy room there was a man called Jimbob , a dusty piano and nothing else. The room was like a cave and Jimbob was very lonely. One day he was playing his piano when suddenly, next to him appeared the ghost of his beautiful wife.

In complete shock, he continued to play as all of his memories began to come back. Out of nowhere, Jimbob  went back to when he was in the war! The battlefield was destroyed Jimbob  and his friend continued to fight however  the grey wall they were hiding behind was being crumpled to pieces. Then the inevitable happened as his friend moved out to the side of the wall he was shot and even though Jimbob tried to save him he sadly passed away.

As he looked up to the sky, he suddenly went to when he bought his son his first toy. It was a wooden horse! When his son who was called Jeff picked up the toy his face lit up! He had braces on but that did not stop him from running around the room at a great speed. However, when he was running around the room something amazing happened. He began to evolve and eventually he turned into Jimbob’s grandson who was called Jim. Jim put the horse down and climbed on to the grand piano and played the last notes with Jimbob.



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