24 May 2019

The piano

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He sat in a dark room. The room was empty like his heart and soul. As he played a calm,relaxing melody on his piano his wrinkled fingers softly pushed down a piano key to create a flowing melody that made his mind wonder off and dive into his dismay memories and his happy memories he had created many years ago.

With his wife in his mind he went to push down another key with his wrinkled finger but when he turned he saw the most amazing thing he had seen in years,the ghost of his wife softly pushed down the key for him,and then gave him a final kiss goodbye as this was the last time he would see her ever again.

After he got his sweet kiss planted on his cheek his mind turned towards when he was a medic in war. He tried to save his best friend from passing away but he couldn’t this left him in a guilty state,seeing his best friend pass away in his arms. He knew the cross on his hat was supposed to be a sign of help and protection but he hadn’t done his job correctly, so this led his friend to death. He heard gun shots everywhere in a panic he tried to lift his friend of the cold,hard floor and save him but he couldn’t. He has felt guilty ever since.

His mind summon’s him back to the dark empty room. He carry’s on playing his sweet,calming melody to cheer him up a little bit.

Soon enough he remembered another memorie of  when he was a boy and he received a present from his family.It was a wooden hobby horse. He then passed it onto his grandson for him to look after. Then the grandson came, sat next to him and then gently pressed the final key to finish the melody. Then they smiled at each other.


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