24 May 2019

The Piano By Chloe

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In a dark eerie cave sat an mysterious ancient man. He gracefully played the piano. He was a very lonely old man because his wife died a few years back. 

Suddenly he remembered when his wife used to play the piano with him. In his imagination she came to him. She walked up to him and gracefully kissed him on the cheek. They then played the piano peacefully. A couple of seconds later she faded into thin air.

He thought about when he went to war with his friend. They were fighting to save their county. When his friend went to shoot he got shot. Despite how hard he tried to save him he just couldn’t. That day his good friend died in his arms.

 As he thinks of this the music gets louder.

He then remembered a wonderful thought of when his son got a present, it was an hobby horse . Hs son played on it for hours. His sons braces were shown. Strangely his son changes into his grandson, his  grandson rode the horse to his grandfather. He dropped the toys and sat on the chair with his grandfather. They ended the tune by his grandson pressing the end note. The had a great evening.


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