It may have taken us a while but we have finally got our blogs up and running. Each week 6 children will type up their big write for you to read.

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My friend and me

Hi world it is me 14sophian 🙂

Today I will be doing a blog with my friend 14anap , 14liamf and 14jacks


so it is pretty boring at school for them… NOT me! Thisjs a speech about what we all said and what we did today


14Anap: Maths!? Ugh really? I just want to do football ⚽️ 

Me: Deal with it!!

That is the end of our talk! Oh and 14liamf was talking about fortnight with 14jacks and how good 14liamf is at climbing trees 😐



My big write

His eyes are a dark rain cloud as black as coal. Emerald glowing in the black thunder focused on one goal. Claws razor sharp screeching endlessly with his great wings tackling uncontrollable wind. Sprinting as fast as lightning , he takes the leap of faith. Wings like bark from a tree in colour with knife sharp toes scraping the rocks beneath him. Heavy wind gusting behind him , while speeding through the valley.

He takes a chance to leap off the crunchy leaves and the rocky surface. Fluffy feathers open up widely , as he sweeps down catching mice. The owl is fury like a soft teddy. Flying above the clouds , the owl searches for more mice covering more and more land as he goes. Claws razor sharp , the owl sweeps down and grabs the mice by the neck , strangling it to its death. With the mice trying to escape  , the owl traps it and feeds on it. Eye pupils as black as coal focusing on a mouse , the owl opens the great wings and shoots out of the air.



My Trip To Stamford Bridge (Chelsea Football Club Stadium)

Hello and i will be telling you my trip to Stamford Bridge, if you don’t know what Stamford Bridge is, it’s a football stadium which is owned by Chelsea Football Club.


This happened when my dad said that we were going to go to Stamford Bridge and i was not allowed to tell my brother. I got very excited to go to a popular football club stadium.I do not like Chelsea but seeing a stadium with a capacity of  40,834. It was only a tour of the stadium.Pretty cool right? But things got better when we were there.



I was so hyped to go to Stamford Bridge, we didn’t go on a car so we went on a train in case of traffic.We where heading to the stadium and in London, seeing other stadiums is so astonishing, i saw the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal Stadium) when we were heading to Stamford Bridge.



We finally arrived in London, we had to go to the Underground and that’s the London Underground Station. We went on many trains and we finally got there.Then its gets more astonishing.


We saw lots of Chelsea flags of players on poles and then we turned left seeing Stamford Bridge saying ‘Surprise!’ to my brother but then my brother said ‘Considering someone left the Chelsea website saying that you bought tickets’ then my dad said ‘Oh, that’s me’ We took pictures, me and my mum had to show our bags for security check.



This is the best part of the trip, we saw JAMIE REDKNAPP! If you don’t know who he is, he is a English retired footballer and he is now a Pundit at Sky Sports! We forgot to take a picture of him, sadly but it was awesome. There was like a wall of legends of Chelsea players on a wall and my favorite is John Terry. Then there was a statue of the greatest legend of Chelsea FC and his name is Peter Osgood. We went to the locker room and saw all the players kits AND I SAW KANTE’S BOOTS! but he changes them like every match. We got to see the trophies of Chelsea history then we went to the stadium! It was massive! The thing is on TV the pitch looks so big but its not that big.

I went there because it was my brothers birthday and his name is ‘Luke’ lots of teachers in HPS knows him.

Thanks for listening


Owl Work Liam L

The emerald eyes stare in the sight of freedom as he leaps off joy with his fury fur and his sharp like a deadly knife claws face to freedom.His beak shining like a sparkling,spotless,sky of gold and his fur shining but his black hole darkness in his eyes knows something is coming. As he leaps off the solid rock beneath him his wings stays at the back of him and his bright leg comes up like he is flying as high and far as he possibly could. He see’s the shining sun and a place leading to freedom and he knows he will make it.Sprinting across the forest, his claws scrape on the surface making a deadly noise.

Heavy wind blows in his face making it harder to fly but he still does it and he controls him self.Flying off the ground wind under him blows him up making it easier to fly. As he makes a massive jump he fly’s off the surface with his body and legs come up which makes him fly higher.Looking at the sight of where the sun is bright and everything shines like gold.His claws are so sharp that it could kill someone to death and it looks like he isn’t such a really nice owl after all.


The owls dark and frightening feathers camouflaged in the long tall trees. It’s bright yellow eyes as yellow as mustard, looked around to see if it’s horrifying prey had chased him. As he started to sprint his sharp claws, as sharp as a knife, hit the tree the bark fell slowly while he was lurking around. The owl was sprinting with his claws chopping the dark bark of the tree. As he broke out to sprint, his claws like needles were making scrapping noises behind him. As he lurked around without noticing, a squirrel came out of nowhere. Without a sound the owl was sprinting quietly to try and catch its prey. Without the owl noticing the squirrel had already started sprinting away because the squirrel had noticed the owls eyes were getting ready to run. As he spotted his prey, he made a count of 123 and then he made a run for it. His pointy sharp claws were ripping more and more bark of the dark brown trees. The scraping sound behind him was his prey running and trying and trying to catch him but the owl was way faster then him. As soon as the owl ran to a tree, the prey started to run after something else. The owl was very happy to be safe. The owl had caught another squirrel on the count of 3 123.

My big write

As the golden owl starts sprinting with claws as sharp as knives,he gets ready for the moment of his life.When an opportunity like this comes around he Had to make it count . He sprints towards the edge, he can see worms wiggling on the ground, as he is about to take the leap of faith down the steep cliff.

Boom!He cascades of the cliff with solid boulders is chasing  Will  he make it ? He tries  to move but his golden wings are stuck he tries and he tries praying for luck!His wings open up and he glides through the salty air from one tree to another.

The birds singing beautiful melodies,he is relieved that he took this opportunity and his life didn’t end.He safely  lands in his warm nest and greets his beautiful children and the rest of the owl family .PThe owl is feeling freedom as he glides through the salty air


The bird’s journey

Golden sharp beak eyes as green as emerald light coal black pupils. Fur like scaly skin with as snow.Golden like suryp shades of molten gold starting from light to dark claws like needles scratch as the a owl ran . Feathers beneath him to protect on him as the wind gusting behind him

sharp scraping sounds against the brown coloured rows as he took his leap of the top cliff he had the opportunity to make this moment count this came around he had to make this count.

It was risky business

As the bird ran his wings began to spread so big that he flew right into the horizon.

Flying higher and higher like an egal statue coloured in gold leaf  as the sun shon onto the bird and made the molten colours brighter.

The bird flew flapping his wings like an machine he made his moment count .

Flapping so high he could never stop wing enormous his wings camaflage on the furr looking down everything was there the beauty over the horizon.

At that moment he new that he made that moment count

The owl’s journey

The coal black pupils of the amazingly beautiful owl has seen prey that he can’t take his eyes of. Gliding towards the prey the gusting wind behind his wings is helping him chase the red rear raging squirrel. One predator one prey  how will this opportunity end. Owls flying over mountains a and boulders desperately trying to get the prey . Unfortunately the prey managed to escape from the owls. Dangerous owls praising around the sky’s to try and find more prey they are devastated that they have to keep hunting but they have found food and the food is fish deep down in the crystal blue eye catching lake finally they have food after a really long search. Finally he got something to munch. Finally he has got some delicious food. After food he glide slowly,calmly,relaxingly around the clear sky’s. Along way to home and fell fast asleep after a very long day.

Owl big write


As fast as the terrifying wind, the confident bird was sprinting for its life. One single claw caused the ground to rumble. Also one single claw caused a single shining spark on the rocky ground. Its eyes were like a night sky with gold iris circling it. The sunlight made the owls outstanding yellow beak stand out from the rest.Hiding the whitest wings it’s beatufill speckl-ed feathers helped the bird to blend in to the home to many other owls.
 Cascading down the hill the owl opens up it’s snow white wings.Brown feathers fade one by one, little by little. Until you can only see his fragile wings. It’s needle like claws sank into the owls skin as it hopes to survive traveling to another destination. Looking for green gras-sy land the owl swoops over the crystal clear ocean.
”I can see fish, sharks and so much more!” He s-aid “i wonder what will come next!?”But he will NEVER know what will come next. The owl is ho-oting with joy but a squawk is near by.The eyes of this bird are red...FLAMING HOT red...
The owl flew down to land and hid in a tree.” H- ellow” To his family. The other bird slowly flew to land. Unnoticed...

hoped you enjoyed!!!