The owls dark and frightening feathers camouflaged in the long tall trees. It’s bright yellow eyes as yellow as mustard, looked around to see if it’s horrifying prey had chased him. As he started to sprint his sharp claws, as sharp as a knife, hit the tree the bark fell slowly while he was lurking around. The owl was sprinting with his claws chopping the dark bark of the tree. As he broke out to sprint, his claws like needles were making scrapping noises behind him. As he lurked around without noticing, a squirrel came out of nowhere. Without a sound the owl was sprinting quietly to try and catch its prey. Without the owl noticing the squirrel had already started sprinting away because the squirrel had noticed the owls eyes were getting ready to run. As he spotted his prey, he made a count of 123 and then he made a run for it. His pointy sharp claws were ripping more and more bark of the dark brown trees. The scraping sound behind him was his prey running and trying and trying to catch him but the owl was way faster then him. As soon as the owl ran to a tree, the prey started to run after something else. The owl was very happy to be safe. The owl had caught another squirrel on the count of 3 123.

Written By 14sachaw

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