My big write

His eyes are a dark rain cloud as black as coal. Emerald glowing in the black thunder focused on one goal. Claws razor sharp screeching endlessly with his great wings tackling uncontrollable wind. Sprinting as fast as lightning , he takes the leap of faith. Wings like bark from a tree in colour with knife sharp toes scraping the rocks beneath him. Heavy wind gusting behind him , while speeding through the valley.

He takes a chance to leap off the crunchy leaves and the rocky surface. Fluffy feathers open up widely , as he sweeps down catching mice. The owl is fury like a soft teddy. Flying above the clouds , the owl searches for more mice covering more and more land as he goes. Claws razor sharp , the owl sweeps down and grabs the mice by the neck , strangling it to its death. With the mice trying to escape  , the owl traps it and feeds on it. Eye pupils as black as coal focusing on a mouse , the owl opens the great wings and shoots out of the air.



Written By 14marshalld

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