The owl’s journey

The coal black pupils of the amazingly beautiful owl has seen prey that he can’t take his eyes of. Gliding towards the prey the gusting wind behind his wings is helping him chase the red rear raging squirrel. One predator one prey  how will this opportunity end. Owls flying over mountains a and boulders desperately trying to get the prey . Unfortunately the prey managed to escape from the owls. Dangerous owls praising around the sky’s to try and find more prey they are devastated that they have to keep hunting but they have found food and the food is fish deep down in the crystal blue eye catching lake finally they have food after a really long search. Finally he got something to munch. Finally he has got some delicious food. After food he glide slowly,calmly,relaxingly around the clear sky’s. Along way to home and fell fast asleep after a very long day.

Written By 14phoebem

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