My friend and me

Hi world it is me 14sophian 🙂

Today I will be doing a blog with my friend 14anap , 14liamf and 14jacks


so it is pretty boring at school for them… NOT me! Thisjs a speech about what we all said and what we did today


14Anap: Maths!? Ugh really? I just want to do football ⚽️ 

Me: Deal with it!!

That is the end of our talk! Oh and 14liamf was talking about fortnight with 14jacks and how good 14liamf is at climbing trees 😐



Owl big write


As fast as the terrifying wind, the confident bird was sprinting for its life. One single claw caused the ground to rumble. Also one single claw caused a single shining spark on the rocky ground. Its eyes were like a night sky with gold iris circling it. The sunlight made the owls outstanding yellow beak stand out from the rest.Hiding the whitest wings it’s beatufill speckl-ed feathers helped the bird to blend in to the home to many other owls.
 Cascading down the hill the owl opens up it’s snow white wings.Brown feathers fade one by one, little by little. Until you can only see his fragile wings. It’s needle like claws sank into the owls skin as it hopes to survive traveling to another destination. Looking for green gras-sy land the owl swoops over the crystal clear ocean.
”I can see fish, sharks and so much more!” He s-aid “i wonder what will come next!?”But he will NEVER know what will come next. The owl is ho-oting with joy but a squawk is near by.The eyes of this bird are red...FLAMING HOT red...
The owl flew down to land and hid in a tree.” H- ellow” To his family. The other bird slowly flew to land. Unnoticed...

hoped you enjoyed!!!