The bird’s journey

Golden sharp beak eyes as green as emerald light coal black pupils. Fur like scaly skin with as snow.Golden like suryp shades of molten gold starting from light to dark claws like needles scratch as the a owl ran . Feathers beneath him to protect on him as the wind gusting behind him

sharp scraping sounds against the brown coloured rows as he took his leap of the top cliff he had the opportunity to make this moment count this came around he had to make this count.

It was risky business

As the bird ran his wings began to spread so big that he flew right into the horizon.

Flying higher and higher like an egal statue coloured in gold leaf  as the sun shon onto the bird and made the molten colours brighter.

The bird flew flapping his wings like an machine he made his moment count .

Flapping so high he could never stop wing enormous his wings camaflage on the furr looking down everything was there the beauty over the horizon.

At that moment he new that he made that moment count

Written By 14elisea

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