My big write

As the golden owl starts sprinting with claws as sharp as knives,he gets ready for the moment of his life.When an opportunity like this comes around he Had to make it count . He sprints towards the edge, he can see worms wiggling on the ground, as he is about to take the leap of faith down the steep cliff.

Boom!He cascades of the cliff with solid boulders is chasing  Will  he make it ? He tries  to move but his golden wings are stuck he tries and he tries praying for luck!His wings open up and he glides through the salty air from one tree to another.

The birds singing beautiful melodies,he is relieved that he took this opportunity and his life didn’t end.He safely  lands in his warm nest and greets his beautiful children and the rest of the owl family .PThe owl is feeling freedom as he glides through the salty air


Written By Ana Popa

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