Owl Work Liam L

The emerald eyes stare in the sight of freedom as he leaps off joy with his fury fur and his sharp like a deadly knife claws face to freedom.His beak shining like a sparkling,spotless,sky of gold and his fur shining but his black hole darkness in his eyes knows something is coming. As he leaps off the solid rock beneath him his wings stays at the back of him and his bright leg comes up like he is flying as high and far as he possibly could. He see’s the shining sun and a place leading to freedom and he knows he will make it.Sprinting across the forest, his claws scrape on the surface making a deadly noise.

Heavy wind blows in his face making it harder to fly but he still does it and he controls him self.Flying off the ground wind under him blows him up making it easier to fly. As he makes a massive jump he fly’s off the surface with his body and legs come up which makes him fly higher.Looking at the sight of where the sun is bright and everything shines like gold.His claws are so sharp that it could kill someone to death and it looks like he isn’t such a really nice owl after all.

Written By 14liaml

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