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My heart pounding with excitement, I get to go to planet Pandora. I got excited so ran  all the way home. Packing my bag, I didn’t even say a word to my mum . Before speaking she said ”Why are you packing your bags?” In a exciting voice I said “I am going to planet Pandora.” After she helped me pack my bags and pack some snacks to go along with me. The next day I woke up early and got in the car. We went to a spacecraft that we were actually going to go to planet Pandora in. I hugged her goodbye and went. As I arrived, the thing that I saw were the creatures.  Fierce looking creatures and I think they were out to get me. The stunning colours reflected on me. I loved it and so did the creatures. Then I realised they didn’t like it. I had no idea what was going on but they were coming towards me. My body was shivering with fear, I ran as fast as I could so they wouldn’t get me, but they were faster . They surrounded me so I couldn’t go anywhere. The creature I was most scared of is the one with the gigantic razor teeth that glistened in the light but then they ruined the spacecraft . I told them that I was innocent but instead I ran away without them looking. I went behind an magnificent bush and had a plan that I would build an underground tunnel so that I can make my back. Meanwhile I took a map out of the tunnel and started digging .1 hour later I finally finished with the tunnel but none of them leads me back. I found out that I used the wrong map . I had to stay with these creatures until someone found me. So I went back to they animals and played with them then for the last time I told them that I was actually innocent.

Written By 14elisea

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  1. Mrs Delaney Reply

    April 27, 2020 at 8:28

    Well done Elise for writing your story on the blog. Can you think of a more exciting ending?

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