My story

Not knowing what to do Jane courageously stood gazing at the gloomy tunnel which seemed to never end. This brave girl looked through the tunnel for some light using her beautiful eyes as a kaleidoscope but all she could see were lots of long , brown branches with a dozen of green spiky nettles. The youngster had no other option , so she took an enormous elephant sized step but nothing really seemed to happen. Her brain had no other plans for what to do so she decided to keep going but keep taking some smaller steps through this magical maze. Suddenly , she saw a letter which Jane thought it wouldn’t be very helpful but as it didn’t really bother her she quickly and rapidly opened the envelope as she didn’t want to waste any time. She didn’t want to waste time for two reasons , first she didn’t want to waste time because time is precious and secondly because she wanted to discover this forest – like never ending route. But to her horror she found something saying “ do not look back , you will see that there is some terrible disgusting fellow or should I say monster is following you or should I say chasing you ! ” and that was all. She did not dare to look back. As she quickly and rapidly ran away from the monster – like creature through the tree lined tunnel her heart beat fast while the wind screamed through the branches , in her ears making the leaves flee. But then finally Jane came to a door { which may have been the ending of the gloomy tunnel }.

A few moments later Jane had opened the wooden door. Imagine a place where the sun always shines , where blue drips of rain always pours and where the beautiful , colourful rainbow always appears : this was the new world Jane had discovered and had just stepped into. As she carefully took some small steps into the new , unique , wonderful world , the bright , yellow , burning hot sun smiled upon the youngster’s pale face as if a person { man or women } was welcoming her to the theme park or the Museum. Jane’s surroundings felt surreal ; she was in an absolute dramatic fantasy. Where was she ? A little cottage caught the youngster’s eye sight. where was she?

The new magical and wonderful world the youngster , who was called Jane , had discovered was very mysterious indeed. Whist she was taking a red sweet apple from the large tree , she decided to go to the cottage and ask about the new world she had entered a few minutes ago. “ maybe I should go to the cottage and ask about this new world ” she said to herself taking a bite in her apple. She quickly hid the apple so no one else could see it. She knocked the door. No one came but finally answered a tall man with a pale face just like hers who seemed like a body builder as he was very thick. He had strong legs and muscles on his arms : she could see them as he was wearing a half sleeves T-shirt. “ What do you want ? ” asked the pale faced man looking friendly. “ I have just stepped into this new and wonderful. Could you show me around it so I could get used to it please ? “ replied back Jane. “ Yes ” answered the friendly man. “ Could you tell me your name as I am not used to calling people man , women , girl or boy ? ” she asked. “ My name is Victor. Now come on , I’ll soon show you soon enough.

After a little hop around the meadow , they went home. “ Do you have a place to stay in ? ” “ Urr , yes Uh I do , ” lied Jane feeling scared. “ Ok ” said Victor smelling rats. She went away from the cottage starting to find a place to stay in. She regretted herself lying. By midnight she still hadn’t found a place to stay in! Suddenly , she was surrounded by a pack of hunting werewolves. She ruffly jumped upon her tearing her beautiful gown into ribs. Then the lights went off. This was her chance to escape.

She got away but the lights went back on. Then they went back on. Then they went back off. What a miracle !!!! Then Jane noticed that next to the long lamp post was a man but she couldn’t see who. When she went closer to it she saw that it was Victor ! “ How did you know that I was in trouble ? ” asked Jane. “ Here I will tell you , “.  Victor story told what happened. “ But I thought werewolves weren’t real , ” moaned Jane. “ That is what happens when you lie , ” chuckled Victor. “ Wait , I forgot to show you the best part , ” said Victor. Jane opened the door and she couldn’t believe her eyes ! This was not an ordinary cottage. Goodness knows when other people will face different difficulties !