This is James and he comes from a different dimension, and traveled to earth because something terrible is about to happen. His dimension is like earth but accept his world has uncontrollable monsters. He lost his arm while fighting a monster. He had to take a trip to the 80s to grab some stuff to be disguised. He saw a tunnel. James slowly walks through the tunnel because he thinks that one of the monsters from his world has entered  Earth. He saw one of the monsters so he use one of his gadgets to defeat them. James continued his journey through the tunnel but he couldn’t wait any longer so he had to run instead. As he continued he felt A force field. James bravely put his hand through the force field and surprisingly it was a portal to another world. James was shocked he bravely walked through the portal. This world was called P921 and it is ruled by King Zorg. It is half a light year away from earth. Humans do not exist on this road instead there are aliens. This is a virtual world and that’s why the buildings are green. It’s also has a flying cars. Imagine a world half a light year away from earth. Imagine a world with no humans or animals but instead there is monsters and aliens. Imagine a world with flying cars. Imagine a world with holographic buildings. Imagine a world ruled by a wicked and horrible king. James didn’t want to get caught by the aliens so he decided to travel through the sewers. Whilst he was walking through the sewers he found another human down there James asked him how did you get down here the human responded with I was running away from a beast but I fell and ended up here. They decided to go and find some food. Both of them were hungry. Whilst they were looking for food James asked how did you end up in this world then the human responded with I was having a walk but then I saw a computer so I was pressing buttons and open the portal I walked in and couldn’t go back. James and the humans started to go and look for food as they came up from the underground they saw some food. James could see that there were aliens sitting next to it. The human distracted the aliens. James grab the food and run. Now that they were full they thought of a plan to get the human back to earth. But the portal could only be opened if There was a storm or if they stole one of the flying cars, as all flying cars we have plutonium in them, and this helps open portals. They got one of the flying cars and waited for the right moment. They had to wait quite a while for a storm. They found some more food whilst they were waiting for the storm to appear. The storm finally came so they went to the flying car and got in it, they drove it to a spot where the lightning will strike. They did it, they got back to earth James and the human made a promise to never tell anyone about what happened. James brought back one of the flying cars so he could get back to his road but then he realised that the human took it and since he didn’t ask the human his name he thought that he would never be able to find, WILL HE BE STUCK FOR EVER?