Angleica’s dream

As Angelica stood there staring down this dark path wondering were it would lead to, feeling very frightened and anxious thinking does she really want to go down there. after a few minutes of pondering whether to go down or not she couldn’t help thinking what was at the end of the dark gloomy path. then she said to herself “only one way to find out” so she slowly took a step forward. She could see some lights in the distance glistening wondering what they was so she tip-toed walked towards them feeling very nervous. The blinding lights beamed into my eyes as I slowly approached this mysterious thing. As I got closer and closer I see this door with lots of flashing lights around it.

I froze in fear.

Imagine going to a place where you would have so much fun, bright colours everywhere. Everyone having such a wonderful time: that sort of place would be amazing . As I stepped through this mysterious, colourful door I couldn’t help but smell the delightful popcorn, candy floss, and sweets. Am I dreaming? continuing down the glowing path seeing all these unusual thing’s but with the sun giving everyone a big smile people seemed to be enjoying them self’s on the bumper cars. They were going super sonic speed around in circles. The door wasn’t the only thing mysterious the tent in the middle where the sun sat was to .

This amazing brightly coloured upside down theme park Angelica seems to have landed in has a mysterious tent in the middle, wondering what could be inside Angelica strolled over to have a peek as she got a little closer to the front of the tent she could hear someone shout at me
“Excuse me what are you doing here” Angelica looked around but couldn’t see anyone about Angelica could hear footsteps so she went to investigate a little more and then heard the voice again
” what do you want” she turned around only to see a clown standing there practicing his tricks, I jumped out of my skin as he gave me a little fright .
“hello what’s your name” she politely asked he replied
“my name is Coco the clown”​

Coco the clown loves to interact with people and make them laugh. He’s very comical and always has a great sense of humour ,also loves to play impractical jokes on people.
Wearing his out-standing costume there was a, over-sized bright yellow flower that would spray water at all the little boys and girls as they walked pass. On this occasion Coco wasn’t felling his happy self, in particularly with the rides at the theme park as they were all upside down. Seeing all the rides Coco thought they looked silly because they was the wrong way round, so he made it his mission to make things right so he began to change the rides the right way round as Coco thought that they would look better that way and they should be changed. The children see the ride the right way round which made them really happy ,
very excited to try it out as it looks so different to all the others.
As the children got on the ride they all had big smiles on their faces excited to try the new ride out the. As the ride started, there expressions on their faces changed and didn’t seem to be enjoying the ride as much as they should be
“Coco” Angelica said what have you done to the ride the children don’t seem to be enjoying it
“what have you done”
“I thought the rides looked strange upside down so I took it on my self to change it but now the children are not having such a great time now Coco said
“what am I going to do”.

With Coco watching all the children are not enjoying their self’s,
sad faces all other,
“I’ve got to fix this” said Coco
I cant stand here and see all these unhappy children, this place should make people extremely​ happy they should be enjoying them self.
“it will be alright” said Angelica we can fix this mess
“How” says Coco
“we can just put the rides back the way they were” said Angelica
“yes, that’s a great idea Angelica” said Coco but I will take a long time to sort this mess out
“I can help you Coco” says Angelica
Thank you lets get started and off they go to make the children happy again,
Coco and Angelica set off and sorted all the rides out so they was all upside down again, just the way the children loved them
once the rides were there strange looking self again the children started to enjoy them self’s, big happy smiles on peoples faces everyone having an amazing time, Coco was thankful Angelica’s help, which made Coco feel happy again  and (everyone else felt happy to.)
Angelica was happy that everyone is enjoying them self’s again.

Angelica woke up, what an amazing dream I just had, I wish there was such a thing as an upside down theme park, how strange would that be, I wish there could be one around here .


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