What I did in my half term

The first day on my half term  I woke up early because I had to go to football at 10:30 to 11:30.

The next day I woke up and I felt very poorly so I lay in bed and then I rushed to the toilet and I was sick.

On Thursday I went with my mum and dad to the arts theater and I watched Awful Egyptians and we got 3D glasses.

On Tuesday I went to Callum’s sleepover with Zain and Keenan.

On Saturday my dad came over and we played FIFA and I beat my dad 3 to 0.

Then I just chilled out on Monday.

Half term

In the half term I went to Scotland on holiday in a place called Ayr I went with my brother my mum my dad and my dog I stayed in a caravan on a hill. From my view in the caravan I could see a castle it was near the seaside I went to the arcades and spent five pounds . I got a pizza 🍕 from Papa Johns . I also took my dog 🐶 for loads of walks . I played ⚽️ a bit but not as much as I wanted because other people were playing in it instead of me.

My half term 🛫

On Saturday I went to the airport at 10:00 o’clock we rode about 45 minutes .When we arrived to the airport ✈️ . Then we had to get through security . When we got through security we went to the lounge. We waited about 2 or 3 hours . We had our flight ✈️ at 17:55 we went to the airplane ✈️ we flyed 2 hours. When we got of the plane we finally arrived at Poland 🇵🇱 . I was really excited because my mum and dad didn’t tell me that my uncle and cousin. We had lots of fun in the car even it took 2 and a half hours.When we arrived I was excited because I got to see my  grandma 👵 and grandpa 👴 . We went to sleep 🛏 my cousin,uncle and aunty stayed over night . In the morning I said good morning to my grandma 👵. She always  wakes up before me. Then my cousin woke up we watched YouTube on my granny’s iPad . Me and my cousin woke up everyone so we can start our day. I gave milk 🥛 to the kitten 🐱 . Then I opened the chickens 🐓. I went in the house 🏡 to eat my breakfast I had pancakes 🥞 my second uncle me the pancake they were  amazing 😉 . After breakfast I went to dress 👗 up then I had to give out invitations for a special event that was happening in May next year.

My lovely half term

On Saturday I had a sleepover at my cousin’s house in London. Firstly me and my parents went to Alexandra Park we were there for around 5 hours.We also had a picnic afterwards we went to their home. First we all changed then we had dinner also we played monopoly me and angel went crazy and then we had to go to bed.The very next day we woke up very early and we waited when everybody was awake we had breakfast after that we went on their trampoline and we played a game.When my brother tried to trip us over so then I got changed and then we went to the park and my favourite ride was the spinner you stand on something someone pushes you and you spin.my favourite part was it made you really dizzy you would spin all around the playground.

An excellent and very interesting blog. Thank you!

This half term I went up to the jubilee to play football I play for a foot ball team called Huntingdon Town Rowdies under 9s. Also I scored first goal of the season .And last Saturday I played against little Paxton .Another thing I got to do at the half term I got to go round my friends and she got to come round my house too.when she came round my house we were playing in my bedroom and also i made slime with her it was so fun.when it was the last day of my half term holidays I carved my pumpkin and I did an evil looking face and then I put a little pumpkin in its mouth and I used my slime to be coming out of his mouth .At the half term it was my dad’s birthday so I went to my auntie’s house to celebrate and he got lots of presents I really enjoyed my half term.

Very interesting blog, Poppy. Read through, making sure your blogs are in sentences

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