My day out at twins lake 2017

A long time ago in April 2017 I went to twins lake.There was a water park ,a unicorn πŸ¦„ and a theme park. I went with my cousin.First we went in the theme park it had very fun rides my favourite was the pirate ship 🚒.Then we went to see the baby unicorn πŸ¦„ and it was soooooooo cute.Then we got to watch Moana in an outdoor cinema it was really cool 😎.Then we went in the epic water park.At the water park there was a giant bucket filled with water so every 2 minutes it tipped all over you,luckily I had a water float which you go on in the water slides it was epic! Then we got some ice cream 🍦 with my little cousin and brother for a treat.Then we had to go home 🏠.I hope I could go to twins lake again. 😁

What a lovely day out!

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