My Christmas holiday

On Christmas Eve I left out a mince pie for 🎅  . Then I went to bed and then I woke up on Christmas Day I went into my Mum and  Dads room to open my 🎁 from my stocking.   After that I asked my Mum and my Dad if I can go down stairs to open my presents I opened my small presents.  First once I opened all of my small presents it was time for me to open me big presents my favourite present was my PlayStation 4 and fortnite. My dad took my PlayStation 3 away and set up my PlayStation 4. I played it and I had a lot of fun .


What a great blog and I’m glad you had a great Christmas.

On the weekend I did

On the weekend i played on Roblox I played speed simulator 2 I played it on a IPad till it went dead I had breakfast with my Nan it was breakfast 🍳

Then I went to my house and I played fifa on my PlayStation3  I played pro of everlotion 13 I enjoyed the match I played against  my brother.

Next I had dinner 🥘 it was massanya I hated it it was gross it stunk as well then I went to town to go 🛒

After that I came 🏠 and went to 🛌




Half term

In the half term I went to Scotland on holiday in a place called Ayr I went with my brother my mum my dad and my dog I stayed in a caravan on a hill. From my view in the caravan I could see a castle it was near the seaside I went to the arcades and spent five pounds . I got a pizza 🍕 from Papa Johns . I also took my dog 🐶 for loads of walks . I played ⚽️ a bit but not as much as I wanted because other people were playing in it instead of me.