🎉My best friends birthday party 🎉

My best friends birthday party is on this Saturday and Sunday because we are gonna have a sleep over!  But I have bought Ellie a unicorn  lamp which changes colours🦄🦄🦄🦄! I think she will like it because I know she is crazy about unicorns just like me. On her birthday letter, it said we are gonna go roller skating that I have never done so it would be something new for me. Also we are gonna go to a restaurant so we could get free squishies!then it will be the sleepover and we might stay up until 3am and play on our iPads. Then it will be Sunday and we will be doing more fun stuff that she has not wrote on the letter. I can’t wait for her party it will be so EPIC my head will probably blow off!In the morning we are going to eat snacks while watching movies and play games. We are gonna be soooooooooooooooooooo tired and we might play party games and then .After that we will get changed and go out and  do something fun I think it will be so fun my head will blow off!then we will eat cake and then we will go home with our party bags and get some sleep 😴.

A detailed blog but make sure you start each sentence with a capital letter.

My weekend

Last week I did my presentation and I was excited I did it was really good and cool 👍🏻👌🏻And I did it  perfectly and it took a hour it was on a computer 💻 and I tipped it on the the computer and it was fun to tipping on a computer. It was hard to find the right letters and numbers and ever did won before and Thomas did won as well and it had a cheater and the hippo pottmas 🦛

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The busy weekend!🤯🤯

I was busy because on Saturday me and my cousin went to our own school 🏫. We only had 3 lessons it was very fun 😃😃.Some people had their birthday and we sang a lovely song to them.Then we had some sweets 🍬 🍬🍬 .Finally we went home and me and my cousin went to sleep 😴 😴😴. I got back home and I had a little park near my house so me and my cousin went with my friends parents.It was slippy and frying 🥶🥶🥶.

On the next day I woke up and me with my nice,kind mum. We went to the church ⛪️. I have a good friend at the church ⛪.Then I came back and went to a park.


What a lovely weekend!  Than you for writing a great blog.

My day out at twins lake 2017

A long time ago in April 2017 I went to twins lake.There was a water park ,a unicorn 🦄 and a theme park. I went with my cousin.First we went in the theme park it had very fun rides my favourite was the pirate ship 🚢.Then we went to see the baby unicorn 🦄 and it was soooooooo cute.Then we got to watch Moana in an outdoor cinema it was really cool 😎.Then we went in the epic water park.At the water park there was a giant bucket filled with water so every 2 minutes it tipped all over you,luckily I had a water float which you go on in the water slides it was epic! Then we got some ice cream 🍦 with my little cousin and brother for a treat.Then we had to go home 🏠.I hope I could go to twins lake again. 😁

What a lovely day out!

My best Christmas 🎄

On Christmas 🎄 I woke up and I waited for my dad when my dad came home WE OPENED PRESENTS 🎁!           And  we got lots and lots AND LOTS for toy. After we opened presents people came and they had presents for me and Harper. Then we had Christmas dinner then we went to sleep 😴.💤  This is what I got for Christmas that I liked I like every single present 🎁  but the two that I really like is unicorn squishy 🦄 and  slime  also is this the best best best present ever it is a Nintendo  swich I LOVE IT 🥰. 🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🎊🎉.

What a great blog and you had a fantastic Christmas!

my blog about Christmas and New Years eve

 At Christmas 🎄 I got up realllllly early and looked in my stocking.Then me and my brother woke my mum and dad up.We got to open our presents then.We got a PS4 with fortnite,minecraft,fifa 19 and a Lego incredible game.I got a giant unicorn 🦄 squishy and I love it- also I loved me other presents 🎁.When we finished opening the presents we had a family Christmas photo.After that I played fortnite while my brother played with his new toys.A few hours later my family came round and brought us presents.My auntie and uncle gave me a EPIC arcade machine.I loved Christmas but then we went to bed at eleven o’Clock.

A good blog and it sounds like you had a great Christmas!

What I will do at the half term 💖

  1. I would play roblox and on roblox I would play royal high and it’s fun to play.  It Iearn about gems and go to the ball. It is lots of fun. I even play with Diana. She has the big bed I don’t I still get paid though 
  2.  Also I would watch zailetsplay and go on my vr and play my fave games and watch many mua and Jeffery star   It’s funny because it’s literally like comedy
  3. and I would play pause with my sister and it’s lots off fun and it’s the  best of the best.

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At the week I played with my cousins and have dinner to gather and have fun with them and they left at midnight and before I gave them a present.

A good blog.

What I am doing for my half term🏫❌

In the morning I will probably eat my breakfast 🥞🍳. Then pack up to go to the train station 🚉 to go to my auntie’s house 🏡.And her baby think I am his babysitter.But I am just a cousin.When we get there I will probably just play some roblox but as well play with my baby 👶 cousin.This will probably happen all week.


A good blog. It sounds like you had a great time!