My Christmas holiday

On Christmas Eve I left out a mince pie for 🎅  . Then I went to bed and then I woke up on Christmas Day I went into my Mum and  Dads room to open my 🎁 from my stocking.   After that I asked my Mum and my Dad if I can go down stairs to open my presents I opened my small presents.  First once I opened all of my small presents it was time for me to open me big presents my favourite present was my PlayStation 4 and fortnite. My dad took my PlayStation 3 away and set up my PlayStation 4. I played it and I had a lot of fun .


What a great blog and I’m glad you had a great Christmas.

My half term

First in my half term on Christmas Eve I went to the barley mow.  I saw Santa 🎅🏻 flying over the building. I could see a red nose at the front of the sleigh 🛷 so I thought that it was Rudolph. As soon as I saw Santa 🎅🏻 I thought I better get home and into bed so I did the next morning I woke up and opened alllmy presents 🎁 .I got a blue ice camera 📷.then on New Years eve I went to my friends  house and celebrated I had a great half term!


It sounds like you had a lovely time.  What a nice blog!

My mother’s,birthday at the weekendr

In the weekend when I was snoring I heard my mom knocking and I remembered today is my mother’s birthday and I hated my mom and I said happy birthday to my mother then my mom side to me we need to go to church and I brush my teat and went to church and came bake when me and my sister playing to gather then a knock on the door when we open the door and there are friends and we have the cake.

A good blog but read through and write clearly in sentences using capital letters and full stops.



 Hi and today I’m telling you my winter 🥶 holiday first day I woke up at 5:30 I brushed my teeth put clothes on and went to watch. TV my fave program in Russia is girl vampire 🧛🏻‍♀️ I also made breakfast 🥞 it was fun  making breakfast by myself  I always do it actually 🤣

In my mind I had a positive day and I did but sometimes I say awake a lot longer so my mum gets angry so I  do   Go   Sleep I wanted my mum to be happy not sad 😔 because I love her so I was happy I did the right choice so I was really happy of my self 

Next Morning I went town with Diana to buy my mum a present 💝 I bought her body wash and perfume that she said she would were to work so now in present she does I do it for her because she is the best mom I could ask for she really admired it she said thank you 😊 I was really proud of myself .


Now I was lazy so I was watching YouTube it was well fun watching the YouTube after I went to the park by my own and went to play with  Joslin I went  coperative and bought some things


At Christmas 🎄 I drank kids wine 🍷 it was cherry I was so hyper because I was playing chase  with my sister it was too much fun I can can not believe that when New year came I had tropical one it was like real 👋 BYE BYE

Wow, what a detailed blog. It was great hearing about your holiday!

My christmas

It was the 24 of  December 2018 I was very excited 😊 I could not sleep but I did go to sleep. It was the 25th of December I ran down stairs to the Christmas tree 🎄 and opened my presents 🎁🎁 first I opened the strange Christmas present and it was a teddy bear with some honey 🍯 🐻 I was so thankful and so lovely 😊  new shoes 👟 for running or riding bikes 🚲

A good blog, Sinitja but please  add sentence punctuation.

My New Year Eve👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

On the 31st of December I had celebrated New Year Eve with my family.My mum’s sister can over for the night and to celebrate 🎉 New Year Eve.I had my makeup 💄 done by my bigger sister about 2 or 3 times.

At 12:00 o’clock at night out parents had some wine 🍷 and we had some wine 🍷 for kids.I could not help it so I was the first one to fall asleep 😴 in the house but after an hour I woke up and I had more energy then last time.

Part 2 coming up soon.Bye!❤️💜💕

A great blog, Nikola!

My wonderful Christmas 🎄

First I went to bed before Santa came to my house. I fell asleep very very quickly because I was so excited for all of my presents.On Christmas morning when I got up l was hipper for Christmas 😍😘😋😛😝😜🤪


A good blog but please change the word “hipper” for another adjective. Use a dictionary to help your spelling, if it helps.


My Trip To The Phillipines!

I had a Once in a year trip to the Phillipines.
  We were super busy packing everything up for the trip.
When we finally made it to the airport we got inside the planes and was ready to fly 
to The Phillipines!By the time I was on the 3rd trip to The   Phillipines!When we got out 
from the plane it took it was 14 Hours to get there.We needed to go onto another plane for
 4Hours more making 18Hours to make it to the Phillipines😮 
When we got there I got to meet my friends again! One of my friends was Jok Jok.
But we weren’t there yet we stayed at my others friends house for the past 3 Days 
while we were staying there.We went to my favourite fast food restaurant Jollibee!
Then after the 3 days we left there I was very sad but I didn’t know what was coming next!
The place we were at was the capital city of the Phillipines which is Manila.
 Our next stop was Mindoro I then was able to see my friends and settled into the house.
I had some shocking surprises while I was there which one of them were was I made loads of
 new friends.Sadly we had to leave but we were there for 23Days!I was so sad but we had a 
few more days 5 to be exact.

Wow, what an excellent experience, Nathan.  You have written this blog very well too! 

The best Halloween 🎃 surprise

The first day :I woke up 3:20 in the morning brushing my teeth for 5 mins.

BUT… 😝I had my pj’s on lol so I got dressed after a minute I got changed I wore some blue jeans and a hand made black teashert that was a belly top that I made  it looked soo cute together.

1 hour later : I was watching YouTube. it was a movie. it was a comedy I could not stop laughing 😂 suddenly I heard a bang it was creepy. Hope you liked my blog.


I did like your blog but I want to know what you were watching that was very funny.