This half term I went up to the jubilee to play football I play for a foot ball team called Huntingdon Town Rowdies under 9s. Also I scored first goal of the season .And last Saturday I played against little Paxton .Another thing I got to do at the half term I got to go round my friends and she got to come round my house too.when she came round my house we were playing in my bedroom and also i made slime with her it was so fun.when it was the last day of my half term holidays I carved my pumpkin and I did an evil looking face and then I put a little pumpkin in its mouth and I used my slime to be coming out of his mouth .At the half term it was my dad’s birthday so I went to my auntie’s house to celebrate and he got lots of presents I really enjoyed my half term.

Very interesting blog, Poppy. Read through, making sure your blogs are in sentences

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